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The Voice of Nebraska Firearms Owners



Welcome to the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association Political Action Fund (NFOA-PAF)


NFOA-PAF is the only Nebraska political action group dedicated to being the leader in preserving your right as a law-abiding Nebraskan to purchase, possess, and use firearms as guaranteed in our State Constitution and the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. A political action group is an entity that can endorse candidates, give them money, conduct political events and – most importantly – tell citizens the truth about political candidates who run for office.

Nebraska’s gun laws are shaped by the senators in the Unicameral and for too long, anti-gun and anti-self defense state politicians have pushed for laws that chip away at our right to keep and bear arms. The founders recognized this right shall not be infringed, and so do we.

Since Federal Tax Code prohibits the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association, a registered 501(c)4 non-profit organization, from participating in elections, supporting pro-gun candidates, and defeating anti-gun liberal candidates, the NFOA-PAF was formed. We are a single-issue organization and stand to protect your rights in all aspects of firearms including: hunting and access to hunting lands, wilderness and wildlife conservation, civilian marksmanship training, protecting ranges for public use, law enforcement-related issues, product liability, trapping, self defense rights, and crime victim rights.

Amongst other activities, NFOA-PAF will research political candidate records and identify the anti-gun liberals who are attacking your gun rights here in Nebraska. Once we identify the gun grabbers, we’ll expose them and make it easy for you to fire them from their jobs – or prevent them from being hired in the first place. Likewise, we’ll also identify the political candidates fighting to protect your gun rights here in Nebraska and make it easy for you to support them against their gun-grabbing opponents.


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Help the NFOA Political Action Fund fill our Unicameral with Senators who RESPECT and HONOR the 2nd Amendment. 

Help the NFOA Political Action Fund fill our Unicameral with Senators who RESPECT and HONOR the 2nd Amendment. Don’t let certain incumbants get away with lip service and others fall to newcomers who don’t recognize your civil rights. For just $10 you can make a positive impact in Nebraska! Donate now CLICK HERE



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Nebraska Firearms Owners Association (NFOA) is a grassroots group of Nebraska firearm enthusiasts who support the 2nd Amendment and the lawful exercise thereof for all purposes (hunting, recreation, protection). NFOA speaks out for and on behalf of firearm owners to the Nebraska Legislature and other law making bodies of the state.

NFOA is attempting to pass LB68 that unfortunately failed by one vote in the 2016 legislative year as LB289. LB68 is legislation to create a statewide firearms preemption law that would nullify Omaha’s handgun registrations system and Lincoln’s backdoor registration among other 2nd Amendment infringing local laws. Both Omaha’s and Lincoln’s laws have been ineffective in deterring crime or stopping criminals from owning and using firearms. These local laws can and do cause harm to lawful gun owners. NFOA is run by volunteers and membership is free CLICK HERE


Want to sign up and join the team? Great! Fighting gun control and advancing freedom
takes time and costs money, so we need volunteers (use our contact form CLICK HERE) and we need funding CLICK HERE to fight the gun grabbers.

Sign up by donating as little as $5 or as much as you are able to, to help us fight to protect your gun rights.


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