2016 Bills


3-3-16 was the last day of hearings for the session this year 2016.  Most of the opposition was rhetoric, making claims that were not related to the bill, or just outright “guns are bad” comments.  A couple of them were called out by committee members, asking if the position was “all guns are bad” or something actually related to the bill.

The Senators focus has been on bills that may have a chance to advance yet this 2016 session.  In fact, two of the bills (LB 815 and LB 971) NFOA testified on during hearings on March 3rd were advanced from committee and will have a chance as Consent Agenda items.

When a bill is eligible for a consent agenda item,  it is generally a group of bills that get voted on up/down as a group rather than debated individually.

Once they have advanced anything with a chance for consent they will discuss other bills.


LB 1106 and AM 2389 – Greater protections of property seized by law enforcement.



LB 1106 Advances to Select File with 36 yes votes, 0 no votes 4-4-16

Approved by Governor on April 19, 2016

The amendment adding firearms to the due process protections of this bill AM 2389 was adopted and the bill has advanced to Select File and Approved by Governor on April 19, 2016.



LB 612 – Strengthening Nebraska’s Self-Defense Laws


LB 612 White Paper

LB 612 high level view CLICK HERE

We have asked the judiciary members to call for a roll call vote on LB 612.


LB 839 – Require background checks and other requirements for persons purchasing


Indefinitely postponed


LB 190 -Change concealed handgun permit application provisions


Approved by Governor on February 11, 2016

LB 30
– Prohibit disclosure of any applicant or permit holder information regarding firearms registration, possession, sale, or use as prescribed



LB 769 – Change provisions relating to firearms


3-3-16 hearing: There was written testimony submitted as well, but in person there were two of us that testified in favor of the bill and about 20 opposing.  An NRA lobbyist testified in favor of the auctioning seized guns and the NFOA focused on the list of prohibited places that would be removed from statute.  Moms Demand Action was a very large presence in that room. Approximately 23 anti-gun people were at the hearing. There were many in the anit-gun group that were  in the UNL English department.

Some thought that 17 and 18 year old students would be carrying concealed if the bill passed and it didn’t seem phase them when they were told that you still need to be 21 to get a CHP but Senator Ebke.  A lot of name calling too.  Senator Garrett rattled off the list of insults during his closing remarks that the anti-gun group made.


LB 681 – Change certain violation and penalty provisions under the Concealed Handgun Permit Act


3-3-16 hearing: There was a lot of banter with Ernie Chambers on the LB 681 Senator Schnoor bill to modify the penalties of violating signage.  Typical Chambers stuff.  The NFOA let them know that their lack of action on previous attempts to standardize signage was the reason this bill was important.   Some examples of poorly posted signage was provided.  The most interesting part of this was the push by the anti’s for standardized signage.  In fact, I believe we now have the NSEA on record supporting that!


LB 1090 – Require notification of law enforcement by the Nebraska State Patrol of denials of handgun certificates as prescribed


3-3-16 hearing:  I discussed how poorly worded and unworkable the Hansen bill was for reporting denials in handgun purchase attempts.  The wording of the introduction and intent of the bill were dramatically different from the actual language in the bill.

The mental health board and firearms disability restoration of rights bill was highly supported.  The NFOA supported that bill because it provided a clear path for restoration of rights.  There was a push for a statewide standard.


LB 815 – Change provisions relating to petitions for removal of a person’s firearms-related disabilities or disqualifications


Advanced (pasted) from committee and will have a chance as Consent Agenda items


LB 971 – When a person has been placed in emergency protective custody or received treatment under the Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Act, and law enforcement has confiscated firearms, LB 971 would require a hearing to determine whether that person is prohibited from possessing firearms under state or federal law before the firearms are returned.


3-3-16 hearings: Senator Gloor introduced LB 971, a bill affecting restoration of seized firearms.  The NFOA testified neutral on LB 871.   Thanks to Senator Gloor for addressing the concerns the NFOA had previously expressed.

Advanced (pasted) from committee and will have a chance as Consent Agenda items


LB961 – eliminate 3 provisions relating to the hunting of mountain lions; to repeal the 4 original section; and to declare an emergency.


Judiciary Committee Hearing 2-18-16: Senator Chambers stated that he knows that this bill would not make it out of committee.

Senator Chambers stated it is bad legislation. Senator Chambers stated the bill is not worth the paper it is written on. Senator Chambers stated he will IPP (to suspend all further activity against a bill or resolution) the bill, motion passed, it is dead. Rod Moeller testified in opposition for the record.


LB 289 -statewide preemption

How the Senators voted: LB 289

Against Cloture: 10

Senator Campbell
Senator Chambers (INDEPENDENT)
Senator Cook (DEM)
Senator Haar (DEM)
Senator Hadley (GOP)
Senator Hansen (DEM)
Senator Burke Harr (DEM)
Senator Howard (DEM)
Senator Krist (GOP)
Senator Sullivan (DEM)

Not Voting: 6

Senator Baker
Senator Coash
Senator Kolowski
Senator Mello
Senator Morfeld
Senator Pansing-Brooks

The senators that voted against cloture were primarily responsible for the death of this bill and those who didn’t vote are also somewhat responsible for the death of the bill.

All others who voted for cloture were at least willing to give the bill more time and work in order to get something passed.

Voting for Cloture: 32

Senator Bloomfield
Senator Bolz
Senator Brasch
Senator Craighead
Senator Crawford
Senator Davis
Senator Ebke
Senator Fox
Senator Friesen
Senator Garrett
Senator Gloor
Senator Groene
Senator Hilkemann
Senator Hughes
Senator Johnson
Senator Kintner
Senator Kolterman
Senator Kuehn
Senator Larson
Senator Lindstrom
Senator McCollister
Senator McCoy
Senator Murante
Senator Riepe
Senator Scheer
Senator Schilz
Senator Schnoor
Senator Seiler
Senator Smith
Senator Stinner
Senator Watermeier
Senator Williams


2016 Priority Bills CLICK HERE