2017 Endorsements

The NFOA-PAF wishes to thank all of the candidates, no matter what your position on our issue has been. It takes a lot to put yourself and your family out there for the criticism and work that comes with being a candidate. Even if we disagree on issues we need to recognize that all of you just want to serve your communities as best you can.

We have a few races that are unopposed so I will be writing these up as a group (LD’s 1, 19, 41 and 49).


Quick overview of the financial side of the NFOA-PAF. When the NFOA-PAF was formed we had 2 goals for the organization first figure out what candidates would represent gun owners the best and help get them elected, second not have happen again what happened 10 years ago when a candidate that would have been supportive to our cause lost by 17 votes, at least partially to not having funding in the last week to complete get out the vote efforts.

The first year of the PAF (6 short years ago) we spent about five hundred dollars, primarily doing some robo calls in support of a couple of candidates, there was also a couple of small donations to a couple of candidates. That was the funding we had and we used it the best we could. Two years ago we had better funding, and we spent just over $5,000, primarily on two mailers supporting two of our endorsed candidates, in at least one of those races our postcards made an effect so we find ourselves very happy with our accomplishment. I set a small goal in the back of my mind for the next election (this year) at that time, to raise double the amount and use it as best possible to support our endorsed candidates. So now the history lesson is done lets move to this year.

We started early for this election cycle, providing some start up capital for a couple of candidates as far back as into last year, some of those donations were as small as $100 to as much as (if my memory is correct, not taking the time to look up every check written) $350. This year as the Primary got closer we decided to make a bigger push in the primary and besides handing out a couple more small checks to campaigns to help them better get their fundraising started stepped in and funded a get out the vote program for a challenger in LD 11 to the tune of $2,000. This was as much a political statement as it was helping the candidate that was struggling for help and direction at the time. We also was able to encourage a couple of supporters of the NFOA to host fundraisers for candidates, at that time we were trying to keep the “gun” issue out of the races as well as not show our hand of who we would or if we would support a candidate. The candidates involved found this approach to be very helpful and find that it made a big impact in their future fundraising efforts, being able to show the major campaign donors that individuals (as well as our organization) has believed in their campaigns and stepped up to help financially.

After the Primary the PAF did not have enough funding left in its accounts to do anything, so we started putting together a fundraising letter, this took much longer than anticipated, I’m not a great writer and use the help of others to get these things done. but from that fundraiser we raised around $2,200 which would not be enough to do anything major in any individual race but we decided we could break it up and effect a couple of financially strapped races at the right time. That said we donated $1,500 to the Tom Brewer Campaign to purchase radio airtime in the last week to ten days of his campaign, and Ian Swanson let us know that he was $500 short on getting his get out the vote flier, so we picked that up and tossed in a little more ($700 total) to help fund some of the postage etc. for those final postcards and letters going out. We still had and have some money in our account and made certain that our most important campaigns new that if they needed a couple dollars to help keep a call center open (you budget but depending upon completed calls you don’t know when or if you will spend your budget) we can assist. We also had a late major donation ($3,000) to help with running a call center that pushed our support (and objection to the opponent and why) for Gregg Neuhaus in LD 35. This donation was earmarked for this action (raised with the promise that that was how it would be used) and was one of the things that we felt we would be able to do when we formed, get major donors that agree with us in backing a particular candidate to use us to promote that candidate on their Second Amendment stance in races where it may matter. This has taken lots of time and communication to develop these types of contacts, I’m certain that you know making these types of friends that can just write you a check for this type of money because they believe in what you are doing and that it will be properly used takes time.

So for my 2 year old stretch goal of doubling what we had spent we came up just short, in 2014 spending just over $10,000 to this year being just shy of $10,000. Close enough to actually be happy with where we are. In the last week of the campaigns we worked with a consultant to try and fund some efforts to counter some of the lies that were coming out in the race for LD 31 but about the only thing that could be done at that point was robo calls and that market had already been so flooded with them that any more would have been counter productive, so if you add in that preparedness/effort we did or at least would have actually fully hit being over $10,000 in efforts. This is why you folks saw so many postings from me asking you to step up in that race, we knew it was close and needed a positive message to get out to overcome the negatives that were being dispersed, and it wasn’t money that was needed to overcome it, it was manpower.

By Andy Allen

November 2016


Getting some discussion of where we are after the elections in the Legislature

Obviously Districts 1, 19, 41 and 49 there is no changes since these Senators ran unopposed.

Returning are Senators Howard (LD 9), Chambers (LD11, under Challenge), Boltz (LD29), and Kolowski (LD31) after winning their races.

Incumbents losing are Senators Garrett (LD3), Fox (LD7, in primary), Schnoor (LD15), Sieler (LD33), and Davis (LD43).

Then new Senators Blood (LD3), Vargas (LD7), and Quick (LD35) on the surface appear to be a step back for our issue

While Senators McDonnel (LD5), Waltz (LD15), and Wishart (LD27) appear to be against our issue just as their predecessor was.

It appears we are picking up or strengthening support from Hilgers (LD21), Bostelman (LD23), Geist (LD25), Halloran (LD33), Lowe (LD37), and Brewer (LD43).

We have also retained supportive seats (or at least defeated direct anti’s while retaining a Senator that listens and balances their decisions) Albrecht (LD17), Boltz (LD29), Linehan (LD39), Crawford (LD45), and Erdman (LD 47).

This leaves us with one seat to address LD13 winner Justin Wayne, who though I would not say is a strong supporter of our Second Amendment rights, but I think there may be room here to speak with him and gain support for some limited actions.

Overall I don’t think we made any gains or suffered any major loses as far as votes go on individual bills. What does concern me is where losses have happened. We lost a friendly seat in CD2 which many does not see as anything major but does strongly effect who is in legislative leadership positions. There has already been one vote taken among CD2 Senators on leadership for next year with a friend getting pushed out and someone that may not be so much so being brought in to lead. These behind the scenes plays have a major impact on when bills get heard and their chances of making it out of committee. With the moves I have heard so far I see we may have a long road ahead for the next session

By Andy Allen

November 2016



May 2016: Senator Dan Watermeier (LD1)

May 2016: Dan Watermeier was unopposed for reelection

May 2016: In LD 1 We endorse Dan Watermeier for reelection.



May 2016: Senator Tommy Garrett (LD3) LD3 has a rematch of Senator Tommy Garrett (NFOA-PAF Endorsed) running against Carol Blood,  Senator Garrett won with a comfortable lead but he still needs to work hard before the primary in the fall. During the Primary Democrat voters had a lower than normal turn out because they had already caucused for President and had little else to vote for, a strong turnout of the Dems in the fall could flip things a 13% cushion is not large enough to think you can coast into the General Election.

May 2016: Ian M. Swanson for (LD 3) (The NFOA encourages the members of the NFOA to not only vote for him but help distribute yard signs, he will be doing literature drops (instead of expensive mailing having volunteers deliver cards to peoples doors) and more in the upcoming weeks, please volunteer. This is a candidate that truly deserves your support. He is a strong supporter of our position on firearms rights. Ian M. Swanson Thank you so much for the endorsement! We are honored. If anyone wants to get involved and make sure we replace a liberal with a true constitutional conservative!  www.ianmswanson.com

October 2016: In LD 3 we endorse Senator Tommy Garrett to be reelected to office, neither candidate replied to our questionnaire this year but did 2 years ago, then we endorsed Tommy over Carol Blood and he has shown himself to be a supporter in the Legislature, there is no need to change course now.



May 2016: Mike McDonnell (LD5) has Ex Fire Chief Mike McDonnell against Gilbert Ayala. It has been estimated that McDonnell will have $200,000 available, if needed, from unions and their donors, and with the large number of mailers already sent out it looks like he plans on spending it.

May 2016: Gilbert Ayala (LD5) Gilbert Ayala, NFOA member- Andy Allen, is one of the few people in this district who know who Mr. Ayala is, and that’s because Andy Allen has spent some time on his front porch visiting with him and meeting his family. He knows this is an uphill battle with little chance of success in this district that is controlled by Democrats and their union sponsors. Mr. Ayala is a good man with very limited resources and later we plan on sharing more information on this race as we look closer at the numbers but a 76% to 24% win looks to be a huge number for him to overcome, but there is a future to look to in this district.

October 2016: In LD 5 neither candidate replied to our survey but we have had conversations with Gilbert Ayala and he has earned our support and endorsement over Mike McDonnell who the Omaha World Herald referred to as a cry baby over his actions when he was losing his position as Fire Chief. While in that position he showed he does not have the ability to manage people or a budget and we expect him to toe the party line if elected. This is a real uphill battle for Gilbert with little financial support and tens of thousands of dollars of public union money having been spent in support of McDonnell.

October 2016: Not have a lot of money to donate but want to help a candidate in the Omaha area, try reaching out to Gilbert and see if you can lend a hand.



May 2016: Senator Nicole Fox (LD7) Senator Nicole Fox (NFOA-PAF endorsed and supported) in LD 7 is currently in third place by 10-14 votes, depending upon your source. There are still votes to be counted (Late Absentees and Provisional Ballots) and this could close, but Tony Vargas still would have a large lead in this race and if she makes it through more of John Synowieki’s  (previous Senator from this district) supporters would move to him than to Senator Fox. This race may not be over yet but it is a long shot. I want to thank Senator Fox for the support she has shown the NFOA on the issues and are hoping that things may still get turned around; very few people have worked as hard as her in the primaries.

October 2016: LD 7 we have not been able to establish any contact with either candidate, so we will not be making an endorsement. We would expect both of these candidates to follow whatever the Democrat Party decides on our issues so for us there really is no difference.



May 2016: Van Argyrakis (LD9)

May 2016: Larry Roland (LD9) Larry is the clear leader in having our support for the fall General Election. Running against incumbent Senator Sara Howard (Dem) who has consistently opposed everything we have brought forth. Larry Roland moves forward to battle against Senator Howard in the fall but faces a serious uphill battle. His time must be spent knocking on doors and educating voters about the history of poor representation they have received and why they need to have a different path moving forward. This is a major educational need if he is to have a chance, Senator Howard is going to have all the financial support she could ever need and Larry Roland may be on the short side on fundraising because major donors move to support candidates they think have the best chances of winning. But if he can gather enough small donors to keep a strong campaign going and have volunteers to deliver pieces rather than needing to spend money on postage this district could narrow to a couple points, then it comes down to the candidates get out the vote efforts.

May 2016: Sara Howard (LD 9) Incumbent Sara Howard took almost 80% of the vote in LD 9 against Van Argyrakis and Larry Roland both of who the NFOA-PAF endorsed to move forward. At an initial look Senator Howard did a good job of getting her supporters and Democrat voters out to the polls, something that was lacking in many districts. This is another of the districts in South and Central Omaha that have a majority Democrat voter pool, but if you actually get feet on the ground you will find that many of those voters are fiscally conservative and socially in between and the policies that Senator Howard and her mother before her have supported are actually the opposite of what the people they represent want.

October 2016: LD 9 has incumbent Sara Howard running against attorney Larry Roland. Larry has been working hard in a district that favors a party line following Democrat such as Sara Howard. Even though Larry is not perfect on our questionnaire or in conversations he is a major step up from the failure that Sara Howard has been on our issues. So we endorse Larry Roland, and again encourage our followers to step forward and see what they can do to assist the campaign.


(LD 11)

May 2016: John Sciara (LD 11)

The NFOA-PAF is endorsing John Sciara for Legislature, attached is his questionnaire. CLICK HERE

You can learn more about John or reach out to help him CLICK HERE     The NFOA-PAF has committed to helping John.

Campaign to replace Ernie Chambers and for the betterment of North Omaha

North Omaha’s struggles unite Chambers, candidates vying for his Legislature seat Story CLICK HERE

Looking forward to November in this district is kind of tough; to have a chance against the voters who turn out and vote for Senator Chambers out of habit will require a major effort to educate the voters by John Sciara. This will require funding that currently his campaign does not have, it will require multiple mailings, delivered educational pieces, voter registration drives and a major effort to get out the vote from those likely to support John in the fall. These efforts are further complicated by the fact that since there has been no serious challenge in that district for over 40 years and it is a highly mobile (not staying at one address for very long) voter pool this can be very difficult. That said John needs funding and volunteers to have a chance, so if anyone would like to help our cause but does not have a lot of money to spend but can help out delivering fliers door to door or help register voters we are certain that John will need the help.

May 2016: Senator Ernie Chambers (LD11) As everyone expects Senator Chambers has continued his strangle hold on LD 11, to my memory the only person to ever try to challenge that was then sitting Senator Brenda Council as she tried to hold off his attempt to retake the seat he had to give up four years before due to term limits. At the time she was running she was also fighting criminal charges for misusing campaign funds for gambling, something that seriously hurt her chances. This year there were two challengers in the primary Democrat Fonte Hamilton, a radio personality and hip hop artist, and Republican John Sciara an Air Force vet and recent Creighton University Grad. Expectations for this race were for just over 2,000 votes to be cast in this district something that the voter count of 1,600 fell 25% short of. On the good side the NFOA-PAF spent $2,000 reaching out to the Republican voters in this district to encourage their participation (estimates based upon history only had 200 voting in the primary) with final numbers not being out yet it looks like we motivated close to 300 (an increase of 50%) to actually get out and vote. Due to the short time John Sciara had as well as the limited funding he ran a very small focused campaign (with our assistance) directed at getting just enough votes to move forward into the falls contest, which was accomplished.

October 2016: It should be no surprise to anyone that in LD 11 we are endorsing John Sciara over incumbent Ernie Chambers. The NFOA-PAF has made a sizable contribution to John’s campaign and we encourage our supporters to reach out and help him however you can. This district has a very small number of registered voters and there is lots of opportunity to help people get registered to vote as well as opportunities to educate them of Ernie’s propensities to fight for mountain lions and prairie dogs rather than for economic development in his district, where it is enormously needed.


LD 13

May 2016: LD 13, in a four way race current School Board member and attorney Justin Wayne and Jill Brown will move forward over Mark Elworth Jr and Jake Seeman. Mark Elworth was the only candidate in this race to respond to our survey. The current Senator for this District is Tanya Cook, so there is nothing here for us to loose. My thoughts on this district are that Justin Wayne has already won a couple of races with a majority of the same pool of voters so if he continues to work in this race as he has he will win. Hopefully a few friendly gun owners will be able to speak with him while on the campaign trail and draw him into being at least slightly supportive, he and Andy Allen have had a friendly relationship in the past and Andy Allen have found him to be a very level headed person that makes decisions on facts not emotions, which would tend to go in our favor. Some friendly education for the candidates in this race could pay dividends for us next session. The NFOA-PAF did not endorse or support any of these candidates in the Primary and without some time being spent with the candidates it is unlikely that we will for the fall, but we are open to conversations and the possibility.

October 2016: LD 13 has Jill Brown running against Justin Wayne, who many of our followers know from his years on the Omaha School Board. There Justin has shown himself to be a balanced minded person who at least tries to listen to the voters and parents, even though he may personally disagree on some issues. Neither candidate has responded to our questionnaire and we have some concern even with the many conservative positions he has taken that Justin will fall in line with the wishes of his party on our issues, so with no further information to base things on the NFOA-PAF will not make and endorsement in this race.



May 2016: Senator David A. Schnoor (LD15) Senator David A. Schnoor (NFOA-PAF Endorsed) defeated Lynne M. Walz by 9 points in the primary and we would expect similar numbers in the fall, but again with a lack of motivation a lot of Democrat voters stayed home and did not vote in the primary so if he wishes to keep this lead our endorsed candidate needs to make certain he is doing the work and getting to the voters then making certain they make it to the polls. This is a major manpower thing to accomplish in these more rural districts so as with many of our endorses if you can spare some time I’m certain they can use your help.

October 2016: LD 15 has Senator David A. Schnoor running for reelection, and we have had no issues with the way he has represented us in office. He has not only responded with strong support to us on our questionnaire but has shown us his support with the work he did. We cannot make a stronger endorsement than what we offer to Senator Schnoor and we wish him success in his efforts to be reelected to office.


LD 17

May 2016: LD 17 we did not receive any replies to our surveys but have had limited contact with Joni Albrecht and quite a bit of discussion with several of her supporters. That coupled with the Aq she received from the NRA we feel confident that she would represent us well in the Legislature. So the NFOA-PAF formally endorses Joni Albrecht for LD17.

May 2016: Joni Albrecht (LD 17) Moving up to North East Nebraska (LD 17) Joni Albrecht who was endorsed by David Bloomfield, who has been a strong ally of the NFOA, was the clear winner in this race and has the momentum heading into the General Election with having over 60% of the vote and a 31 point lead over her closest competitor Ardel Bengtson, coming in third in this race was Louis E. Benscoter. Even with the Support Senator Bloomfield gave (we had an early heads up of his support far before he made any endorsements) the NFOA-PAF held off on putting out and endorsement because we did not get a reply to our questionnaire. We feel that even just making an obligatory reply with a statement of generic support shows an interest in working with us to protect and further our rights is needed before we will extend our support.

October 2016: LD 17 we did not receive any replies to our surveys but have had limited contact with Joni Albrecht and quite a bit of discussion with several of her supporters. That coupled with the Aq she received from the NRA we feel confident that she would represent us well in the Legislature. So the NFOA-PAF formally endorses Joni Albrecht for LD17.



May 2016: Senator Jim Scheer (LD19)

Jim Scheer was unopposed for reelection. when not facing a challenger. Jim Scheer took the time to answer our survey, This not only shows he supports our rights but also the NFOA and what it works to accomplish.

October 2016: In LD 19 We endorse Jim Scheer for reelection, he replied to our questionnaire even though he is unopposed. We wish he was stronger on our positions but did support us on LB 289, so we will support him for reelection.



May 2016: Mike Hilgers (LD21) To quote from him “Forms of gun control that are aimed at law-abiding citizens will prove ineffective because it is not law-abiding citizens who commit violent crime.  Criminals break laws; including gun laws.  Gun control only makes it harder for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves.” As an attorney and citizen Mike has shown he is a man to be trusted and  the NFOA encourages the people of LD21 to support him. Mike Hilgers (NFOA-PAF Endorsed) in LD 21 has a 20 point lead over Larry Scherer and Rick Vest being eliminated for the General Election. Mike came in a close second 4 years ago and will be working hard to make certain that does not happen again. We encourage everyone to consider trying to to help Mike stay on track for this fall.

October 2016: LD 21 we endorse Mike Hilgers for this district. He has shown his desire to serve Nebraskan’s in this capacity as well as a strong ability to lead and make his point, while supporting the NFOA and all firearms owners in Nebraska.



May 2016: Senator Jerry Johnson (LD23) In LD 23 challenger Bruce Bostelman has a 9 point lead over current Senator Jerry Johnson, who received his endorsement from the NFOA-PAF based upon his history of supporting our bills. But because he has been wishy-washy on his support of many of the Governors objectives the Governor endorsed and helped Bruce Bostelman. This is one of several races that the PAF is looking at possibly changing track for the General Election and receiving some commentary from NFOA members in the district that know these men would have a lot of meaning. We try hard to get to know about the candidates but obviously cannot get to know all of them myself. Both of these candidates answered our questionnaire and support our rights, so we may not endorse either for the fall.

October 2016: Now we come to the first of the difficult races, LD 23 has incumbent Senator Jerry Johnson running against Bruce Bostelman. On the NRA’s grades Jerry Johnson has a D while Bruce Bostelman has received an Aq. While Senator Johnson did better on our questionnaire earning a B- and having supported us on LB 289, Bruce Bostelman has received an A on our questionnaire. With all the outside influences on this race and there being no clear cut leader on who would represent us better the NFOA-PAF is going to follow the NRA and not endorse either candidate in this race.


(LD 25)

May 2016:  (LD 25) brings another race the NFOA-PAF did not make an endorsement in during the primary, we only had one respondent to our survey and that one lacked any real depth to their answers. Suzan Geist and Jim Gordon will be moving forward to the fall while, Dale Michels, Leslie Spry, and David Tagart will not. We have received information that Jim Gordon and Leslie Spry would not have been supporters of our positions so their elimination helps us rather than hurting our positions. Between the two remaining the front runner appears to be Suzanne Geist whom we have heard good things about, but would love to get a survey response from both remaining candidates before venturing into a possible endorsement or directing any support in this race. Suzanne Geist will be the one to vote for in November.

October 2016: LD 25 we have received no replies to our surveys or other contacts, so we will not be making an endorsement. We  will note that Jim Gordon did not respond to the NRA as well and Suzanne Geist did receiving an Aq and an endorsement from them.


(LD 27)

May 2016: (LD 27) Former NFOA Board Member and Firearms Lawyer Dick Clark (NFOA-PAF endorsed and supported) will be on the ballot against Anna Wishart in the fall in LD 27, Deb Andrews having been eliminated in the primary. I believe that most of Deb Andrews’s supporters would move over to supporting Dick Clark in the fall but that still puts him 20 points down at this point based upon the primary election results. There is still a lot of time before the fall and I know Dick will be using all of it to get his message out. The folks over at NAGV have taken a strong stance against Dick due to his history as a supporter of our rights and are doing everything they can to mobilize their supporters and the Left leaning voters in that district, in order for Dick to be elected in the fall we need to come together and work for his campaign with our dollars and time. This district is very centrist in its social views which would include firearms so making certain that all voters are fully educated on the issues (including things other than firearms) should move many voters to supporting Dick over the far left beliefs of his opponent. This takes time and money to accomplish and I hope that NFOA members and supporters can make certain that Dick has what he needs to accomplish that.

May 2016: Dick Clark (LD27) Dick has long been a member of our community and has shown strong support for our rights here in Nebraska as well as and understanding of what it takes to get things done in the Legislature.

May 2016: Deb Andrews (LD27) A general election face off between her and Dick could bring an interesting discussion about Liberties and our Rights.

May 2016: Anna Wishart (LD27) would lead us to believe she would oppose everything that we would be interested in and truly does not understand what it means to be a free people.

October 2016: LD 27 has Anna Wishart running against Dick Clark, both candidates received an Aq from the NRA and they did not make an endorsement. From having seen it in Lincoln/Lancaster County so many times in the past I believe that the NRA’s questionnaire was filled out by a political operative for Anna Wishart that has knowledge of what answers the NRA wants to hear, these candidates once elected have gone on to show they have no respect for the Second Amendment or our freedoms in any capacity. She did not respond to our survey requests. Dick Clark has been a strong supporter of the NFOA and has earned an A on our survey, that coupled with his ability to work with all the offices and others needed to actually get things accomplished we feel that Dick Clark would represent firearm owners well in the Legislature. So we strongly endorse Dick Clark for LD 27.



May 2016: Senator Kate Bolz (LD29) In LD 29 the NFOA-PAF endorsed Senator Kate Bolz over challenger Melody Vaccaro based entirely on her vote to end the filibuster of LB 289. We scored that vote simply on a Pass (A grade) or Fail (F)basis and hope that this vote truly represents the Senators support for our rights. It appears at this time that Senator Bolz will be reelected as she is a popular representative of her district.

October 2016: LD 29, In the primary we gave our endorsement to incumbent Senator Kate Boltz simply as a thank you for her voting to move LB 289 forward. She did not respond to our survey request but has received an C- grade from the NRA. Her opponent Melody Vaccaro received an F from the NRA from their survey, which she has gone on and earned the same grade from the NFOA-PAF (survey attached for your entertainment). With this type of opponent we certainly hope to have Senator Bolz back again next year and continue our endorsement for the General Election.


(LD 31)

May 2016: (LD 31) Now one of the premier races for the Legislature and one that has had a lot of commentary from all sorts of sources. In LD 31 Ian Swanson (NFOA-PAF endorsed and supported) bested Senator Rick Kolowski by nine plus points and eliminated third place finisher Peter Mayberry. Ian has been the hardest working candidate in Nebraska this election cycle and we have had many conversations with Ian. 9 points is not a large lead especially when you take into account that the sitting Senator was limited during the primary on the amount of time he can campaign by being in session. But I expect Ian will continue to outwork his opponent and with a strong support for our rights against someone that has no understanding of what those rights are or entail we are hopeful that he will still prevail. This could be the biggest single swing in the state this year and we encourage everyone to step up and support Ian with your time and treasure.

October 2016: LD 31 it should come as no surprise that The NFOA-PAF continues it’s support of Ian Swanson against F rated (from the NRA and NFOA-PAF) Rick Kolowski. Ian M. Swanson has the support of both us and the NRA so please get out and support him.

October 2016: LB 31 Ian Swanson is running against Rick Kolowski in LD 31, Senator Kolowski voted against us on LB 289 and Ian is a strong supporter of our rights. But Ian has come under attack for his youth with false claims that he lives in his parents basement and does not have a job, again both false claims, and we need to counter these now.
The NFOA-PAF has made a donation to Ian’s campaign to get materials printed, but he needs help getting them distributed, and this is where you come in.
They did a phone poll for that district, it’s in a statistical tie. That means what is done in the last 7 days is going to decide who wins. At the moment Ian has all the funding he needs.

What is needed, manpower! There are lots of undecided independents that need polite postcards that say Ian is a nice guy. There is also letters being printed to go out to voters, envelopes will need to be addressed, stuffed and stamped. Next 2 items are basically the same, there are cards that need to be dropped off to people’s homes, Dem’s and Independents are far between so if there was a driver and someone to run up to the house it would go fast, the Republican houses there are a couple cards to deliver and they are close together so they work for walking. There is also dates for calling voters, on Tuesday (tomorrow) Senator Tyson Larsen and City Council Woman Aimee Melton will be there, on another date Senator Ebke will be there making calls for Ian, you are welcome to join them. Last thing coming up is sign waiving on Election Day, this has been divided into shifts the Governor will be there in the morning and the Lt Governor will be at lunch time.

This is looking like another of those races that is going to be decided by a couple of votes, and we don’t want to come up short this time like happened in the Stothert/Lathrop election 10 years ago. Anyone we can get to help would be great, Jeremy at Cut Throat Printing is letting Ian use his office as a campaign HQ at 11429 Davenport St, Omaha NE 68137. They are basically working from 9am to 9pm every day up to election to get Ian elected, and your assistance is needed. If you can spare a little time to stuff envelopes or help deliver some door hangers please stop by.




May 2016: LD33 Senator Les Seiler vs. Steve Halloran, and his opponent Some more time and discussions are needed before making a push for either of these candidates because they both support us.

May 2016: LD 33 had challenger Steve Holloran taking a 25 point lead over sitting Senator and Judiciary Committee Chairman Les Seiler. Steve was greatly aided by the support and endorsement of Governor Ricketts because of the lack of support he received from Senator Seiler. The NFOA-PAF did not make an endorsement in the primary but likely will for the General Election and is carefully weighing the options here.

May 2016: Some more time and study needs to be done before making a decision before supporting one over the other.

May 2016: Senator Les Seiler (LD33)  Senator Seilor has been very fair to us as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee (we have had more bills move forward in the last 2 years than we can remember in the recent past)

May 2016: Steve Halloran (LD33) Mr. Halloran has a very good score on our questionnaire.

October 2016: LD 33 is another of the tough races for us, we have incumbent Les Seiler who received an A on our questionnaire (a C from the NRA) running against Steve Halloran who also received an A on our questionnaire (Aq from the NRA and their endorsement). We backed the incumbent in the Primary based upon his fairness in Judiciary Hearings and his support of LB 289. But based upon further discussions with Steve Halloran and his supporters, and looking at the totality of support we have had from Senator Seiler we have reevaluated this race and will not be making an endorsement in the General Election.


(LD 35)

May 2016: (LD 35) Dan Quick bested Greg Neuhaus and they eliminated Zachary Z. Zoul to advance to the General in LD 35. The NFOA-PAF did not make an endorsement in this race because we do not know enough about the candidates. Greg Neuhaus was the only person from that district to respond to our survey request and while we thought about endorsing him based solely upon that survey we held off. Before we complete our endorsements for the General Election we hope that we can get a survey response in from Dan Quick.

October 2016: LD 35 Greg Neuhaus receives our endorsement with an A on our questionnaire, also receiving an Aq and the endorsement from the NRA. His opponent made this easy for us by not responding to either of us for our surveys, showing that he does not respect your rights, or is not a serious candidate.


(LD 37)

May 2016: (LD 37) Another district the NFOA-PAF did not enter an endorsement in during the primary was LD 37. While we had a survey response from John S Lowe Sr. and know the negative history and positions of Bob Lammers we were unwilling to make an endorsement without knowing more about candidate Mike McShea, but with him now being eliminated for the Fall I can with all enthusiasm endorse John S. Lowe Sr.

May 2016: John has a firm understanding of firearms issues as a citizen and Concealed Carry Permit holder, while Mr Lammers has a history of opposing concealed carry and many other firearms rights issues on the City Council.

May 2016: So we want to express our hope that NFOA members and supporters in LD 37 find ways to support the election of John S. Lowe Sr. to the Legislature. He had a small lead in the primary vote but as has been stated many times that may not be an indication of how the fall will go due to many outside influences.

October 2016: We endorse John S. Lowe Sr. for LD 37.

October 2016: In LD 37 Both Bob Lammers and John S. Lowe Sr. received an Aq from the NRA, with them not endorsing either candidate. John S. Lowe Sr. is the only one of these candidates that responded to our survey receiving an A, Coupling that with the communication that NFOA members have had with Bob Lammers and his history of not supporting our rights on the City Council there is no contest for us to make an endorsement.


LD 39

May 2016: LD 39 where we have another 3 way race with one candidate we can not support.

May 2016: LD 39 currently has NFOA-PAF endorsed Pat Borchers in third place by 61 votes behind Bill Armbrust and vote leader Lou Ann Linehan. In the waning days of the primary race this one got a little ugly with Lou Ann charging that Pat Borchers was lying about her, what that lie was has not yet been disclosed. With some provisional and late absentee ballots still to be counted and a possible automatic recount things can change in this district and we hope that even if they don’t the accusations made during the end of the primary can be put behind these candidates. Lou Ann Linehan received an A grade from the NRA but we have not yet received a reply to ours. We had spoken with her campaign staff before the primary and forwarded another copy of our survey to Lou Ann which she has acknowledged receiving, so hopefully we will still get a reply from her on her positions. The previously published comments made by Bill Armburst has eliminated him from any contention of receiving any support from us but before we would entertain any push for support from volunteers or financial for Lou Ann Linehan we really need to know her positions on our issues.

May 2016: Pat Borchers for (LD39) Pat Borchers has been open with the NFOA, and has been a supporter assisting the NFOA this last year as we pushed for statewide preemption of firearms laws in LB289. His history as a Conservative Attorney, Educator (Dean of Law School at Creighton University as well as a Creighton University Vice President) and supporter of our rights uniquely positions him to be a great advocate for your civil rights in the Legislature.

May 2016: Bill Armbrust (LD39) (“Constitutional Conservative and Democrat”). replied to our survey with a simple statement that he supports the Second Amendment and Conceal Carry Permits but he “believes that anything past personal protection arms, hunting weapons, and collector pieces need to have registration and extensive background checks.”  We do not support

May 2016: Lou Ann Linehan (LD39) without her reply to our questionnaire and her history as a Washington DC insider has left us with some concerns.

October 2016: LD 39 we endorse Lou Ann Linehan , who also earned the endorsement of the NRA.


(LD 41) 

May 2016: Tom Briese (LD 41) Tom Briese is running unopposed, not being an incumbent with a voting history and his not responding to surveys is concerning to us, if anyone knows him or knows about him share with us and encourage him to look at responding to our survey, even if it is just a note about who he is and what he feels about our interests.

October 2016: LD 41 Tom Briese is running unopposed for this open seat, he got an Aq from the NRA but did not reply to our questionnaire. With no information on this candidate other than his having an NRA endorsement we will withhold making one. We hope he learns quickly that the NFOA represents the firearms community in the Nebraska Legislature and listens to the wishes of the people of Nebraska.



May 2016: Senator Al Davis (LD43) is facing challenger Tom Brewer, Senator Davis supported us on LB289 and has never been against us in the Legislature.

May 2016: Col. Tom Brewer (Ret.) (LD43) while we personally know Col. Tom Brewer (Ret.) better and have visited with him several times and know he is a supporter.

May 2016: At this time we have only received a questionnaire reply from Col Brewer but since both candidates will proceed into the general election we are holding off from making an endorsement at this time.

May 2016: LD 43 is another race where the NFOA-PAF publically took no position for the primary. We know Col. Brewer and have spoken with him many times. Both he and Senator Al Davis made good if not strong responses to our surveys. Tom Brewer has a strong lead coming out of the Primary and we have been assured will work to continue his push to be our next Senator from LD 43. The NFOA-PAF is close to making a final decision on an endorsement in this race for the fall so be watching for more commentary soon.

May 2016: Some more time and study needs to be done before making a decision before supporting one over the other.

October 2016: LD 43 has Incumbent Senator Al Davis running against Col. Tom Brewer (Ret.) with the incumbent having received the NRA’s endorsement. This is a race we have looked at hard and studied the candidates very carefully. In the Primary we with held off making a endorsement because at least on the surface this was a difficult race to choose. But after many conversations, much thought and really looking at what support we expect to receive the NFOA-PAF is endorsing Tom Brewer to win this fall in LD 43. Even though the incumbent voted for LB 289 there has been to many times that he has failed to support us in related issues or should have been a leader on issues when the opportunity arose. This is exactly the opposite of what we feel Tom Brewer will be in the Unicameral.


(LD 45)

May 2016: (LD 45) Coming down to our last two Districts for commentary, LD 45 has Incumbent Senator Sue Crawford behind Michael J. Cook by less than three tenths of a point, so virtually tied at this point. I have received and heard many people pointing out that the A grade showing for Senator Crawford on her LB 289 vote is high because of her proposed amendment, We will again point out that grade is a simple Pass or Fail for their vote for cloture. There are many more grades being taken into consideration on an endorsement based upon positions taken that that single grade does not show, this is why we made no endorsement in this race for the primary. The NFOA-PAF has not received a response from either candidate for our survey and without more information either pro or con may sit this close race out.

May 2016: Our final LD 45 is in far Western Nebraska where I am certain we all understand an antigun stance would be more likely to get a candidate tarred and feathered than even a passing look for support. In LD 45 we received survey responses back from all four candidates, and while we knew the most about one candidate in particular was not interested in making a endorsement on that personal relationship/knowledge. Karl Elmshaeuser and Steve Erdman are moving forward to the General election in the fall and Wendall Gaston and Peggy Popps have been eliminated. This is another race the NFOA-PAF has a candidate we are leaning toward endorsing for the General Election but are working to get more info before announcing anything.

October 2016: In the primary we did not make an endorsement in LD45, though as many had noticed we recognized that Senator Crawford voted to move LB 289 forward. Well now the surveys are in and we are ready to endorse Michael J. Cook for LD 45. Michael Cook has taken the time to come to us to visit with our members and has scored an A on our survey that his opponent did not respond to.


LD 47

May 2016: Last one, LD 47 which has Karl Elmshaeuser running against Steve Erdman in what has been the most difficult races for us to decide upon. Both candidates received an Aq from the NRA and an A on our survey. The contacts we have had with the campaigns and their supporters have both been outstanding, even with very different candidates.

May 2016: Steve Erdman is a strong conservative that many feel would be a fighter to work to block bad legislation along side our supporters that have thatbackground.

May 2016: Karl Elmshaeuser is also a strong conservative who has a history of working to build strong coalitions to get things accomplished, and has already shown that he is working to build coalitions so he can hit the ground running.

May 2016: I have Friends, Political Acquaintances and people I have worked with on issues that support both candidates and for very valid reasons. If I lived in LD 47 I know which candidate I would vote for, but that does not mean that is who the NFOA-PAF should endorse.

October 2016: Both Candidates have done the work and shown the support of our rights to deserve an endorsement, but choosing one over the other is more about what kind of person you want representing you than it is about their support of the Second Amendment. Rather than not endorse we are going to endorse both candidates to recognize both of them for their support of the Second Amendment and their desire to serve the people of their district.



May 2016: Senator John Murante (LD49)

October 2016: LD 49 We endorse John Murante for reelection, John has been a very level headed Senator that has supported the NFOA’s positions in the Legislature and has risen into being a leader in the Unicameral.


NE districts