Nebraska Legislative Committee Chairs


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The full Committee chair list:

-Speaker: Jim Scheer (R)

-Committee on Committees: Joni Craighead (R)

-Executive Committee Chairman: Dan Watermeier (R)

-Executive Committee Vice Chairman: John Kuehn (R)

-Agriculture Committee Chairman: Lydia Brasch (R)

-Appropriations Committee: John Stinner (R)

-Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee: Brett Lindstrom (R)

-Business and Labor Committee: Joni Albrecht (R)

-Education Committee: Mike Groene (R)

-General Affairs Committee: Tyson Larson (R)

-Government and Military Affairs Committee: John Murante (R)

-Health and Human Services Committee: Merv Riepe (R)

-Judiciary Committee: Laura Ebke (R)

-Natural Resources Committee: Dan Hughes (R)

-Retirement Systems Committee: Mark Kolterman (R)

-Revenue Committee: Jim Smith (R)

-Transportation and Telecommunication Committee: Curt Friesen (R)

-Urban Affairs Committee: Justin Wayne (D)

-Rules Committee: Mike Hilgers (R)

-Enrollment and Review Committee: Anna Wishart (D)