LB 68 Action today 4-12-17


LB 68 Closure vote below – 33 aye – 8 nay – 5 not voting

AM 630 vote below – 33 aye – 11 nay – 2 not voting

LB 68 Advances, vote below – 31 aye – 13 nay – 2 not voting


It moves to Select file after E&R gets done with it, they fix numbering issues etc and may put forward an amendment to do that if it’s needed, at that point it gets another vote that comes with a second chance to filibuster or amend the bil. Then after it completes its second visit to E&R it goes back out for final passage (unless it gets sent back to select file to receive another amendment, happens but not common). Final reading does not allow for much to happen unless recommitted to Select File but Ernie does get one final chance to filibuster. by Andy Allen