ATF Reversal Letter To SB Tactical

Mark Barnes Esq represented SB Tactical to help the ATF clarify their Open Letter from 2015. Everyone remembers that moment. It happened right before Shot Show 2015. The ATF published a letter detailing that shouldering a “Stabilizing Brace” constitutes a redesign since it was never designed to be shot from the shoulder.

This new letter starts off with a brief exposition acknowledging Mr. Barnes’ letter dated Jan 5, 2017. Then goes on to provide background on what the ATF determines as “firearm” and points out that the ATF approved the “arm-stabilizing brace” in 2012. This was the original SB Tactical brace which went on to become the “Sig Brace”

However constant poking of the bear, by the public, asking for clarification whether or not the Stabilizing Brace could be used as a shoulder stock is what led to the Open Letter in 2015.

Barnes’ letter asserts that misusing a brace is equivalent to using a wrench as a hammer or screw driver as a prybar and does not constitute “redesign”.