Call to Action!

On Tuesday, March 27th, the Nebraska Legislature is expected to debate LB902, on General File, to ensure that personal information contained in Firearm Permit and Purchase records will be protected from public records requests.  


Contact your state Senator and urge them to SUPPORT LB 902!

Introduced and prioritized by Senator Bostelman, this bill secures and protects the private personal information of those seeking to purchase a firearm, register a firearm or apply for a concealed carry permit while still providing for the appropriate and sanctioned use by government and law enforcement entities in the performance of their duties.


This bill is necessary because there is no prohibiting legal requirement to NOT disclose this information. Without a prohibition, we know disclosure is possible and likely probable.  Time and time again, private information is leaked,  posted online, or even left in the trash, even when that information is supposed to be highly regulated and controlled. Tell your Senator that your private information should be protected!


Nebraska firearms owners are concerned about their personal information being used for nefarious purposes.  We all know a majority of firearms used in the commission of crimes are stolen.  Making it easier for criminals to identify from whom and from where to steal their next firearm makes no logical sense.  We also recognize a very small portion of our fellow citizens promote the vilification of firearms. Direct and indirect attacks in person and online occur often to those who choose to publicly share their firearms ownership status and thus for those who wish to maintain the privacy of their ownership, we should have a legal means for protecting that privacy.


Contact your state Senator and urge them to SUPPORT LB 902!