Call to Action! – FixNICS bill

The FixNICS bill has been attached to the Omnibus bill.  It was VOTED ON TODAY, and passed. We have some serious concerns about this piece of legislation and believe more work is needed to ensure law abiding citizens are not stripped of our constitutional rights in the name of Feel Good “Violence Prevention” laws. We do not feel there are enough “due process protections” in Fix NICS or Gun confiscation order bills to be workable. 

NSSF, NRA-ILA, legislators and more don’t appear to recognize the threat behind the meaning of “enhanced” background checks and introduction of a new “gun confiscation” court order.   

The enhancement to reporting requirements within the Fix NICS bill require:

  • All agencies … At every level … to Add names to the secret NICS database
  • Mandated reporting for mental health treatment – not adjudicated mentally ill, just treated for an issue effecting your mental health – Could be for such simple and routine things as stress, death of a family member, loss of a job… typical reasons why any healthy person would seek assistance from a mental health practitioner, but like the no fly list, good luck getting off this one!
  • As victims of the false NICS reports will attest, once you are wrongly on the prohibited list, just as with the no fly list, there’s practically no getting off of it.  It can take multiple years until you can actually buy a new firearm. 

What this bill DOESN’T have… safeguards preventing the government from searching as far and wide into your medical and mental health records and ensuring that rash responses and false reporting don’t strip away gun owners rights on a whim.  

To that end, we are also very concerned about the establishment of an easier and quicker way for courts to issue Gun Confiscation Orders – with no crime being committed. We are hearing “Don’t worry, only serious mental health issues are reported to NICS and there are strong due process protections!” What due process are you afforded? The burden of proof is now on you.

  • Prove to the court you are not a risk to yourself or others
  • Prove to the court you are not on drugs, addicted to alcohol
  • Prove to the court’s satisfaction any burden levied by the court.  

Through this expansion of powers, firearms could be seized from anyone (except a government employee – interesting exception isn’t it?)  There are no provisions for how to be removed as a prohibited person and there is no penalty for someone who wrongly adds someone to the list.

Contact your Senator and ask for the FixNICS to be stripped from the spending bill!  

Find their contact information here: