Call to Action!

This past week we saw a member of the Lincoln City Council introduce an attempt to ban Bump Stocks.  Councilman Gaylor Baird originally discussed introducing this and then decided against it.  Now Councilman Gaylor Baird has introduced after all.   

The next City Council meeting will allow public comment on this proposed ban on a firearm accessory.  This meeting will be Monday, March 19th at 3:00pm.  Contact the city council members and let them know that you oppose any bans on firearms accessories. 

You can find the list of Council Members here 

We think Shobe is best described as a swing vote. Eskridge, Raybauld, and Gaylor-Baird are the anti’s. 

NFOA opposes any and all efforts to ban firearms accessories. Accessories are not the tools used to commit violence nor do accessories make any firearm more or less dangerous. The determining factors in whether a gun is dangerous is who is using it and how. Bump fire is a technique that can be performed without a special stock. Neither the stock nor the technique makes any scenario more or less dangerous. Again, that is determined by how the firearm is used. 

Attempts like these are nothing but political pandering by politicians that are fully aware that no ban will have an impact on violent crime, even though most will never admit to such. 

In response to Councilman Gaylor Baird’s Quisling reversal in now introducing the “Multiburst Trigger Activator” ban on Monday, I would offer a few thoughts: 

1) Why are “bump stocks” a problem? (Of course Las Vegas will be brought up). However, the case is still open, there is NO (NONE, ZERO) evidence of a “bump stock” being used. Sure, there is a picture on the web …. yet its origin is being questioned. No one knows who took it for certain. The Sheriff and the Undersheriff were giving such conflicting public information meetings they quit and have “gone dark”. 

2) How many members of the Lincoln City Council had actually heard of a “bump stock” prior to the Las Vegas shooting? I am betting none, yet for the 10 plus years Slide Fire (the actual brand) has been around, there has never been a reported crime of use. Her and others ignorance is demonstrably noted in not understanding it is simply a technique vice. 

3) What exactly is a “Multiburst Trigger Activator”? This term has NO significance, NOR part of firearms jargon. (Never mind that “multi-burst” is redundant). I find it odd that Councilman Gaylor-Baird is using this exact wording Senator Patty Pansing-Brooks used in her Legislative Bill (LB780). I find it REALLY interesting there are six other bills nationally using the same term. In short, who crafted this for them? It ain’t an original thought. I don’t believe in coincidence. 

4) The NRA has NOT called for “bump stocks” to be outlawed. They simply called for the ATF to review. 

5) Who is the “expert” advising the Council on the “bump stocks’.? Can Councilman Gaylor Baird explain how one works? 

6) This article alone should make one wonder why this is happening: