What a Democrat House Means to Our Gun Rights

The 116th Congress will convene on Jan 3, bringing with it a radical shift leftward in the U.S. House of Representatives with the Democrat Party holding the majority. Along with the Democrat takeover comes a hard push for gun control and many law-abiding gun owners are asking what will become of our Second Amendment freedoms.


Commentary: In their own words: What the Founding fathers really believed about guns

When the Founding Fathers approved the “right to bear arms” and the 13 newly formed states agreed to ratify the Second Amendment, the reason couldn’t be clearer: An armed citizenry is a free citizenry.

Yet despite the clear historical evidence showing the true intention behind the Second Amendment, liberals continue to mislead the public by asserting the founders believed the Second Amendment only protects guns necessary for everyday life in the 18th century, such as hunting rifles, or that the founders believed these constitutional protections apply only to militias, not to individuals.

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WATCH: Actors read gun control facts that don’t fit liberal agenda. Their reactions are priceless.

Austen Fletcher, a YouTuber known for his “man on the street” videos, released a new video on Friday showing actors cold reading firearm facts don’t fit the liberal agenda.

And their reactions were priceless.


Did the new spending bill really end the hold on gun violence research? Maybe not.

In the wake of the Parkland shooting, a fair amount of funding to address gun violence made it into the spending package — but, say experts, not much that’s likely to result in real change.

Specifically, the bill makes available $75 million for state grants to develop and update school safety plans. It also includes $1.1 billion for grants that support mental health services for students as well as bullying and harassment prevention.



Support and defend our right to keep and bear arms for all lawful purposes.

Join the Nation-wide movement March 23-25 and add your voice to the support for our inherent right to protect ourselves, our families and our communities. Share a picture, video, or testimonial of why you exercise your right and use the hashtag #WhyICarry Forward this message on to every brother and sister in arms you have. Spread the message! Support and defend our right to keep and bear arms for all lawful purposes.

#BoycottNRA: Hertz is the latest company to cut ties with gun lobby as movement gains steam

Several major companies — Enterprise Holdings, First National Bank of Omaha, Symantec and Hertz — have ended co-branding partnerships with the National Rifle Association as a #BoycottNRA social media movement picks up steam.

Enterprise — the parent company of car-rental brands Enterprise, Alamo and National — cut ties on Thursday, when it discontinued an arrangement that offered discounts to NRA members.

First National Bank of Omaha, one of the country’s largest privately held banks, also announced Thursday the end of a credit-card co-branding deal with the NRA. The bank had issued what its ads described as the “Official Credit Card of the NRA,” according to the Omaha World-Herald; the Visa card offered 5 percent back on gas and sporting goods store purchases and a $40 bonus card.

However, the World-Herald quoted Rod Moeller, director of government affairs for the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association, saying that the group will “be giving strong consideration to moving their accounts to a bank that hasn’t bowed to political pressure.”


First National Bank Sever Ties with NRA

Today the largest privately held bank in the United States decided to side with Anti 2nd Amendment activists and sever their ties with the National Rifle Association.

Founded & headquartered in Omaha Nebraska, First National has been the bank of your NFOA since our inception.

Businesses that make the decision to appease those who want to decimate your Constitutional Rights need to understand that Nebraska values include responsible firearm ownership.

Even though we often disagree about the best way to protect Our Rights, at the end of the day…WE ALL ARE THE NRA!

Join the NFOA in saying goodbye to First National Bank & entrust your hard earned money where it is respected.

Please share this message & politely contact your local FNB location Or call 1-800-642-0014 to voice your opinion.

Comment below with bank/credit union recommendations for all of us that are shopping around now.


2nd Amendment Advocacy Rally

This is a nationwide – grassroots – 2nd Amendment Advocacy Rally being held November 5th in front of the Unicameral. We need everyone willing to spend some time to stand and represent Gun Owners in Nebraska. Volunteers are working to set up the specific location, PA system and to secure speakers. We will be sharing updates on plans as they are finalized. Please save the date and plan on coming out! #FirearmsFreedom #2A #NFOA

Supreme Court Refuses to Take up Issue of Gun Rights Outside Home

The U.S. Supreme Court declined Monday to decide whether the Constitution provides a right to carry a handgun in public, passing up a major issue about firearm owners’ rights simmering nationwide.

The court said it would not examine a California law that requires showing “good cause” in order to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon. As a practical matter, the law makes it difficult for most people to get a permit in the state’s urban areas.


Supreme Court Refuses to Take up Issue of Gun Rights Outside Home

The U.S. Supreme Court declined Monday to decide whether the Constitution provides a right to carry a handgun in public, passing up a major issue about firearm owners’ rights simmering nationwide.

The court said it would not examine a California law that requires showing “good cause” in order to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon. As a practical matter, the law makes it difficult for most people to get a permit in the state’s urban areas.


Want to stop mass shootings? Let’s get more guns in the right hands

The recent mass murders on London Bridge ended eight minutes after they began, when armed English police officers arrived and shot the killers. Other police officers, who had batons but not firearms, happened to be near the scene when the attack began. Some of them fled, according to an eyewitness account published in The Guardian. Another officer bravely used his baton against the multiple men with knives, incurring severe injury. Some people threw chairs at the assailants. One man heroically fought the terrorists with his bare hands, despite being stabbed repeatedly.

Want to stop mass shootings? Let’s get more guns in the right hands


GOP Congressman Vows to Carry Gun ‘From This Day Forward’ Following Virginia Shooting

Rep. Chris Collins vowed Wednesday to start carrying a gun with him “from this this day forward” following the shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and at least three others at an early-morning baseball practice in Virginia.

“You look at the vulnerability. I can assure you, from this day forward, I have a carry permit, I will be carrying when I’m out and about,” the Republican representative of New York told WKBW, an ABC affiliate in Buffalo.


“On a rare occasion I’d have my gun in the glove box or something, but it’s going to be in my pocket from this day forward,” he added.


New Study Shows How Gun Control Has Not Slowed Violence in Mexico

Mexico’s gun controls are strict and, when enumerated, read like a wish list for U.S. Senate Democrats. Think about it: For a Mexican citizen to legally acquire a gun, he or she must obtain a license, a process which requires them to pass a background check. That background check looks at criminal history, mental history, physical health and any past drug additions.

Making the background check even more onerous, CBS News reports, is the requirement that applicants submit six pieces of documentation: A birth certificate, a letter confirming employment, proof of a clean criminal record from the attorney general’s office in the applicant’s home state, a utility bill with current address, a copy of a government-issued ID and a federal social security number.

Additionally, the University of Sydney’s GunPolicy.org reports that the would-be gun purchaser has to prove a bona fide reason for getting a firearm. In this way, Mexico is like California or New Jersey, but the requirements are at a national level.

All firearms owned by Mexican citizens must subsequently be registered with Mexican authorities.


Crazy Things Pacifists Tell Me About Guns

I don’t mention being a gun owner to strangers.  Sometimes people find out, and the way they respond is remarkable.  I assume that they are sincere in what they say, but that assumption isn’t easy.

Their comments are more of a confession about themselves than an honest question about me.  I usually bite my tongue because of the social situation.  Then it occurred to me that other gun owners must be hearing similar comments.

I’ve kept my answers to myself, but now I’ll share them with you.


Report: Moms Demand Founder ‘a Self-Promoting Tyrant’

Sources indicate some individuals who previously worked with or for Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts describe her in not-so-idyllic terms like “self-promoting tyrant.”

According to the Daily Caller (TDC), there have been “multiple staff departures” from the Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action. One source told TDC, “Staff who worked for Shannon quit or are fired faster than the organization can replace them. She’s a nightmare.” Another source added, “Two beliefs unite nearly all gun control supporters: background checks save lives, and Shannon Watts is a self-promoting tyrant.”



Due process, public safety debated as lawmakers take aim at Lincoln gun laws

About a dozen people each year come into the crosshairs of a Lincoln city ordinance that bans people convicted of certain crimes from owning guns.

What puts them there fuels a debate over public safety, proactive policing, basic rights, due process and government overreach.

In 2006, Lincoln’s City Council enacted an ordinance that prevents people from openly carrying guns into city or county buildings. It also added crimes, including some misdemeanors, to a list spelling out who can’t own firearms in the city.


Florida Report! Prosecutors Misinform Judiciary Comm. in Testimony on Gun Bill

Two baffling and very troubling things happened during testimony on HB-245, the Burden of Proof bill, in the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, March 23, 2017.

ONE:  The Florida representative of NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action (MDA)  gave testimony that sounded like it was written by the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association (FPAA). 

In testimony she claimed, “State prosecutors stand with us asserting that this bill will make it harder to prosecute gun crimes.” 

She went on to claim that Florida’s prosecutors are already overworked and overburdened and that they have high case loads and low budgets.

Sounding more and more like State Attorney Phil Archer’s mantra, she echoed Archer’s previous testimony complaining about the workloads and funding of prosecutors.

All of that is troubling because according to data from the Justice Administrative Commission, State Attorneys/prosecutors had a cash surplus of over $50 million at the end of BOTH of their last two fiscal years and their case load is down over 30% for the last 5 years. 

That doesn’t sound like they’re underfunded and overworked.  They clearly have adequate staff and funding to do their jobs.


Gun sales at all-time high, accidental gun deaths at record low

Recently published statistics show that as gun sales in the United States have hit record highs, accidental gun fatalities have simultaneously sunk to record lows.

The announcement by the National Safety Council (NSC) has taken ammunition away from the gun control activists, who have argued for years that fatalities and injuries in America increase as the number of firearms in citizen’s hands rises.


Anti-Gunners’ Preposterous Arguments Against Suppressors

Were one to rely solely upon Hollywood movies for one’s general impressions of the world’s jagged edges and contours, one would end up with a rather limited grasp on reality. The silver screen can be many things—artful, imaginative, a source of much-needed escapism after a long day at work—but accurate it is usually not. And nowhere is this more noticeable than in the realm of firearms. Lately, as the Hearing Protection Act of 2017 has begun to wend its way through Congress, this limitation has become even more apparent than usual. 


Sorry: Still No Proof Gun Control Decreases Murder and Mayhem

In this age of waxing laws and waning freedoms, a notable exception to the pattern of ever-tightening restrictions is gun prohibitions. New Hampshire no longer requires a license for the carrying of a concealed, loaded firearm; Florida is considering eliminating all “gun-free zones” (e.g., at schools); and Iowa may institute a “Stand your ground” provision and lower the age at which children could use handguns, to cite a few examples.


Gorsuch Will Protect Second Amendment

Gorsuch Will Protect Second Amendment

Brilliant, thoughtful, human, wicked smart, eloquent, and highly qualified to sit on the highest appellate court in the land, Neil Gorsuch has been on full display before the Senate confirmation committee. He has been respectful of the insane attempts of the Democrats on the panel – including of course Diane Feinstein from – you guessed it – California – who has taken every email that Gorsuch has written since his days as an attorney and tried, unsuccessfully, to make things he wrote as an attorney for clients as if they were his personal beliefs, when in fact, all they were was his arguments on behalf of his clients at the time. Democrats attempts are weak and will eventually be found fruitless. Hundreds of Gorsuch’s Harvard classmates, liberal and conservative, from all walks of life, have endorsed him in writing and had their endorsement entered into the record on his behalf during the Senate hearing. 


Law enforcement officials express reservations with parts of gun bill

Many significant changes would be made to Iowa’s gun laws if a bill working its way through the Iowa Legislature gains sufficient approval in the coming weeks.

Those charged with keeping the peace and enforcing Iowa’s laws say they have serious concerns regarding some portions of the wide-ranging proposal.

Many of Iowa’s county sheriffs, city police chiefs and county attorneys say their deepest concerns lie with two particular provisions:

• One that would lessen an individual’s burden to justify the use of lethal force in self-defense.

• One that would allow Iowans to sue local governments that prohibit the possession of guns in public buildings, such as county courthouses.

Rep. Matt Windschitl is a Republican state legislator and gun shop owner from Missouri Valley and an advocate for reducing restrictions on gun ownership and use. He said stand-your-ground laws are designed to protect individuals from being prosecuted for acting in self-defense and such a protection should extend beyond the individuals’ home or vehicle.


Legislature takes aim at gun-free zones

At long last, our leaders are pushing to end discrimination in Arizona’s places of business. To protect the civil rights of that most picked-upon group of citizens.

Borrelli’s bill affords special protections to business owners who allow guns on the premises, shielding them from liability should someone get shot. A gunshot victim (or his or her next of kin) would have to prove that the business owner “intends to cause injury or acts with gross negligence” in order to hold them in any way responsible. In other words, gun-friendly businesses would be exempt from civil liability.


Gabby Giffords’ Gun Control Group: Use ‘Ear Plugs’ Not ‘Silencers’

On Monday, Gabby Giffords’ gun control group Americans for Responsible Solutions(ARS) tweeted that Americans who want hearing protection should use “ear plugs” not “silencers.”

Talk about a contradiction. Either “silencers” do not make guns quiet enough to provide hearing protection or they make guns so quiet that police cannot figure out where the criminal is hiding. Both cannot be true. So which is it?


A Clear, Compelling Reason Why We Need National Reciprocity

America isn’t the country The Washington Post says it is. It’s a big, wonderfully diverse country full of great people—along with some bad neighborhoods and bad guys—with seemingly endless rural stretches where the sheer magnificence of our sprawling landscapes means that police response times might be well above the national average. It’s a country of 50 states that grew from sea to shining sea on the gumption of the pioneer spirit grounded on individual freedom—our Second Amendment-protected rights, which can come down to a right of self-preservation, being paramount.


What the Experts say about Self-Defense and Gun-Free Zones

When it comes to safety, we can’t know everything ourselves.  We also consider the opinions and arguments of experts.  These experts collect the wisdom of others, the distilled experience from thousands of lives.  That said, we don’t have to be uncritical.  We can try to distinguish solid expertise from purchased advocacy.  I’ve read what the experts say about self-defense and gun free zones.  Here is a short summary of what I’ve learned.  You can weigh the issues for yourself.

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Police, Lawmakers Want Gun Carriers To Show Permit If Asked

If a police officer stops and asks a person to show their pistol permit, most gun owners comply.

But that is not the law in Connecticut, where police must have suspicion of a crime in order to force the gun owner to display the permit. If the gun owner refuses, police say there is nothing they can do.


Firearms Fee Hike Is A “Poll Tax”

NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox took to NRATV’s Stinchfield Wednesday to condemn the liberal policies that raise the price of using a firearm and limit Americans’ ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

“Imagine if they tried to do that to the First Amendment, tried to do that to your ability to worship the God of your choice—that you’re going to have to pay in order to do those sorts of things,” Cox said. “This is a poll tax. It’s designed to prevent people from owning and exercising firearms.”

Cox explained that under these fee hikes, the states’ poorest residents, many of whom live in high-crime areas, may not be able to afford a firearm for self-defense: “It hits the poorest among us, the people who often live in the areas where they probably need a gun more than anyone else from a self-defense standpoint.”


New York Pushes For Law Requiring Gun Owners To Purchase Liability Insurance

On January 17, 2017, Assistant Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Felix W. Ortiz, a Democrat, introduced a bill in the New York State Assembly aimed directly at gun owners.

The bill, A2260, if enacted, would require all firearm owners to purchase liability insurance for their firearms. The bill would amend the Insurance Law of the State. A2260 would require gun owners to obtain and to maintain liability insurance in an amount not less than $250,000.00 to cover damages resulting from the negligent use of that firearm.

Failure to hold such insurance would result “in the immediate revocation of such owner’s registration, license and any other privilege to own such firearm.” The bill exempts peace officers.



Iowa House OKs Gun Bill With Stand-Your-Ground Provision

The Iowa House has approved a sweeping gun bill that includes a stand-your-ground provision and allows citizens to sue local governments that impose weapons restrictions.

The Iowa House on Tuesday approved a sweeping gun bill that would include a stand-your-ground provision and allow citizens to sue local governments that impose weapons restrictions.


Ohio gun laws: New law allows handguns on private property

Ohio has joined the nation’s stampede to loosen gun laws in recent years, approving laws allowing open- and concealed-carry, adopting a lethal self-defense “Castle Doctrine” measure, and now letting people bring guns onto company parking lots. .

What comes next is unclear, but some gun rights advocates are pushing for laws requiring that companies allow guns inside the workplace, something that no state currently mandates but which companies can choose to do voluntarily in Ohio.


Citizens’ right to bear arms prompts constitutional crisis between Sheriff, Courts

A constitutional crisis if looming in the 12th Judicial Circuit — a showdown of sorts between Chief Judge Charles Williams and Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight.

Late last month, Knight removed the deputies from all of the court’s non-courtroom facilities — such as the Clerk of Court’s Office — where they screened visitors for weapons, after his legal team determined they could be in violation of the state’s powerful preemption statute, which allows only the Florida Legislature to regulate firearms.


Snapchat wanted $150,000 to NOT run NRA ads on gun control group videos

Explosive emails obtained by Mic have painted Snapchat in a negative light, after it asked a gun safety charity for a six-figure payout to prevent NRA adverts playing on its videos.

Everytown for Gun Safety is an advocacy group that focuses on gun safety and violence issues. According to Mic, it reached out to Snapchat in 2016 to enquire about an advertising campaign for its #WearOrange event, held on National Gun Violence Awareness Day.


Poll Shows Majority of Iowans Support Stand Your Ground

The Des Moines Register just released their latest Iowa Poll about Stand Your Ground legislation. Here’s their findings:

54% support Stand Your Ground
36% oppose Stand Your Ground
10% are unsure about Stand Your Ground

The poll, conducted by the widely respected Selzer & Company, was taken between February 6th and 9th and has a 3.5% plus or minus margin of error.


Editorial: On gun bill, safety first

Omaha police and prosecutors consider Omaha’s gun possession restrictions, including on minors and people convicted of certain misdemeanors, vital tools against gang violence.

Most Nebraskans respect gun rights. They also respect local control.

Those two Midlands principles are at odds in Legislative Bill 68, which would allow state law to pre-empt local gun ordinances. Unless state lawmakers can find an acceptable compromise, they will have to choose sides.



Nebraska: Important Firearms Preemption Legislation to Be Heard in Committee

On February 10 at 1:00 p.m, the Government, Military, and Veteran Affairs Committee is scheduled to hear Legislative Bill 68.  Currently, Nebraskans may inadvertently violate the law as they travel through the state due to the problem of local gun ordinances that are more restrictive than state laws and those of neighboring communities.  LB 68, sponsored by state Senator Mike Hilgers (LD 21), is an important bill that will help protect the Second Amendment rights of all Nebraskans by creating a preemption statute to eliminate this confusing patchwork of laws and ensure that firearm and ammunition laws are consistent throughout The Cornhusker State.  Please contact the members of the Government, Military, and Veteran Affairs Committee and politely urge them to support LB 68!


It’s time to pass State Preemption!

Preemption LB68 (Senator Hilgers) Reinforces that the state is the original authority and that laws controlling firearms ownership and possession shall not be overridden by local laws (county, city, municipality).  LB-68, as introduced by Senator Hilgers, is a Big One…STATE PREEMPTION! Almost every other state (43 of them) have some form of Preemption where City Councils are NOT allowed to interpret the 2nd Amendment. This bill would simply create uniform firearm laws across our state. To see bill CLICK HERE

Neb. court clarifies concealed carry law

The Nebraska Supreme Court zeroed in on what defines a concealed weapon Friday, delivering a ruling that one attorney says could make it harder for people to legally transport firearms.

The law simply says it’s a violation for someone without a state-issued permit to carry a hidden handgun “on or about his or her person.”

But how the law applies to weapons in vehicles frequently ignites debates among lawful gun owners. The Supreme Court has ruled in the past that a concealed handgun in a vehicle must be “within reach” to violate the law.



Court weighs in on Nebraska’s confusing law on concealed guns By Joe Duggan / World-Herald Bureau. CLICK HERE

Gun control flick ‘Miss Sloane’ flops at the box office but snags Golden Globe nod

Movie goers weren’t too interested in “Miss Sloane,” a film that explores the gun control debate from the perspective of a lawyer who is lobbying for universal background checks for gun ownership. Still, the film’s leading lady, Jessica Chastain, landed a Best Actress Golden Globe nomination for the poorly received flick.

The film, which premiered in select cities on Thanksgiving, hit more theaters this past weekend, and it fizzled in its wide expansion, earning $1.9 million from 1,648 locations.

According to Deadline, “Miss Sloane” cost $13 million to produce. It currently has a score of 69 percent on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie was projected to earn a paltry $5 million at the box office, according to the Los Angeles Times, but so far it’s fallen short.


Get Ready to Fight For Constitutional Carry & Against “Gun Free Zones” In Tennessee

Just last month, on November 8 2016, the people of Tennessee and indeed almost the entire country revolted against the establishment government through the overwhelming support and election of Donald Trump.

This was based largely on his candid declaration that it was time to “drain the swamp” and “make America great again” and the peoples’ realization that their trust had been repeatedly betrayed by both parties.

As the presidential election results became clear, elitists in both parties saw their predictions of a Clinton presidency proven wrong.


Why the Gun Lobby is Different from the Tobacco Lobby

The uptick in mass shootings over the past few years has led to widespread calls for gun reform and the defeat of pro-gun lobbyist groups opposing it. Since the gun lobby currently employs many of the same tactics used by the powerful tobacco lobby, some have reasoned that the same blueprint used to weaken the big tobacco lobby could work for guns. Though the two lobbying groups—tobacco and guns—use similar strategies, the issues they represent are fundamentally different and require different game plans to defeat.


Trump Vowed to Eliminate Gun-Free Zones on His First Day. It’s Not Nearly That Easy.

The president-elect can chip away at restrictions, but he won’t possess the unilateral power he imagined as a candidate.

As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump vowed to make Americans safer from attacks like those that left scores dead in Paris, San Bernardino, and Orlando. Eliminating restrictions that bar people from carrying guns places where firearms are currently banned, he frequently declared, is key to that strategy.


The Great Debate

What is it about the 2nd Amendment that generates such intense loyalty and support from the majority of Nebraskans and at the same time is used by some to address that which ills society? As firearms owners, knowledge is power, the power to address emotionally charged arguments against the 2nd Amendment and to encourage critical thinking in those on the fence.

You are invited to attend the great debate, featuring NFOA Board Member, Patricia Harrold, CPLP as she counters Ben Gray, Omaha City Council member, at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center. As members of NFOA, show your support for her and our work as the voice of firearms owners in Nebraska.

RSPVs are required by 11 a.m. Saturday November 19th and attendance is $5 at the door.


Mon, November 21, 2016

5:30 PM – 7:30 PM CST

Add to Calendar


Scottish Rite Masonic Center

202 South 20th Street

Omaha, NE 68102

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More information CLICK HERE

Established Politicians Taught a Lesson, Gun Ban Hillary Defeated

Gun owners across the country, fed up with the all-out assault on their individual rights by collectivists like former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, showed their power during the 2016 presidential election by stopping Hillary Clinton’s presidential run cold.

With over 100 million gun owners nationwide, and gun ownership having at least the same requirements as voting in most places, it was a huge mistake for a candidate to be openly hostile to their rights.

The rhetoric and group blame tactics utilized in the election helped to waken and galvanize a giant voting base in this country, and that very likely cost Hillary Clinton the election.

This election should serve as a reminder to politicians that when it comes to our right to armed self-defense, we do not forgive and we do not forget.



NRA’s LaPierre: First Clinton, now time to take out Soros, Bloomberg

The National Rifle Association is taking credit for electing President-elect Trump and said that victory must be followed with stopping anti-gunners like billionaires George Soros and Michael Bloomberg who are expected to take their campaigns to state governments

“Our time is now. We must approach the coming fights with the same urgency and determined action that ended the political future of Hillary Rodham Clinton,” said NRA leader Wayne LaPierre in a message to his 5 million members.


Social Justice Warrior: “You can’t do that! Only we can define what’s a Human Right!”

It’s a creative new argument, and also one that’s very wrong. I can see why people are doing it: there’s a growing sensitivity to human rights, and suggesting that something is an inalienable entitlement makes it seem ironclad. It’s an example of how the right attempts to use the language and tools of the left against it, often highly effectively. After all, the logic goes, if marrying anyone you want is a human right and we frown upon any attempts to abridge or interfere with that right, then surely if gun ownership is declared a human right, then the left will be forced to defend that “right”.


Gun Debate in Lincoln, NE

You probably have heard of John Lott. He is most know for his book “More Guns, Less Crime”, which is now in its third edition. He will be engaging Paul Hemke, a gun control advocate, at UNL East Campus Thursday, November 27th at 7:30pm. It is open to the public and admission is only $5. This will be at the Nebraska East Union’s Great Plains Room.
I have heard John speak a few times while at the Gun Rights Policy Conference. John is a regular attendee at GRPC. It is always a pleasure to hear him speak. I also have his latest book, The War on Guns. I found that book to be an easier read than his more famous work. If you don’t own it already, I highly recommend adding it to your library.

Rod Moeller
President, NFOA