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NFOA Summer 2018 update

Summer Update 

NFOA members, we have some great events lined up this summer!  This newsletter will highlight some of the upcoming events, including the Annual Member Meeting, NFOA Night at the Range, a Live Town Hall, and sponsorship opportunities. 
Live Town Hall
Join board members Trish and Rod for a live Town Hall. We will discuss this year’s legislative session, how bills that affect gun owners were handled, and answer your questions about NFOA’s efforts and legislation important to you! 

The live Town Hall will stream online at 10 am on Saturday July 21, 2018

Link to the broadcast: com/watch?v=g-P7jSPOjKQ

Annual Member Meeting
Our annual Member’s Meeting has an exciting agenda for members to spend a day advancing firearms freedom through education, training and some excellent speakers! For just a donation of $25, attend the whole day with morning refreshments and a catered lunch. Members can attend the business meeting portion at no cost from 12:30 to 2:00. Congressman Don Bacon will be our keynote speaker starting at 8 a.m. His session will be followed by sessions presented by Board Members Rod Moeller, Patricia Harrold and Andy Roche on Communicating on 2A Issues with Our Elected Representatives, Countering the Anti-gun Movement, One Conversation at a Time, and a First Shots program for the next generation of firearms enthusiasts. We will also have Stephanie Schafer, from the D.C. Project, a grassroots initiative comprised of representatives from each state who converge on Washington, meeting and educating our Senators and Representatives. Learn the fundamental first aid and medical response skills you need for injuries on the range from Shawn Whittington of 88 Tactical. Attend an Introduction to Competitive Shooting session presented by Alex Gac USPSA and try your marksmanship and skills on the range! Take advantage of some free shooting time on the range or compete in our first ever NFOA Distance Rifle competition on the 100-yard range. DE Guns will also present an informative session on some advanced options for customizing your firearms and accessories – amazing technology and talent! Members will also have an opportunity to help set the direction of NFOA by participating in a strategy session facilitated by Toby Asplin.  
NFOA T-Shirts will be available for a $25 donation and multiple sponsorship options are available to show your support for our important work in Nebraska. 

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Thank You Dan!
The NFOA Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to thank Dan Walz for his tireless dedication to the NFOA forum. It may seem cliché, but without Dan and his continuous efforts moderating, administrating, updating and greeting literally every new member of the forum, we would not have the exceptional communication tool that we all know and love. NFOA members – especially those who frequent the forum – owe a debt of gratitude to Dan for his service over the years. Thank you, Dan, for all of your work!
Member Meeting Sponsorship 

Sponsor the Annual Member’s Meeting. We have some great ways you can show your support for NFOA! Whatever your budget, we will make sure our community knows that your business is supporting our critical work in Nebraska. The following sponsorship levels are available: 

$50 Bronze Sponsor – includes lunch, classroom/range events, and inclusion in our “NFOA Thanks our Sponsors” post on Facebook after the meeting.

$100 Silver Sponsor – includes Bronze options, and one individual “Support our Sponsor” post on Facebook.

$250 Gold Sponsor – includes Bronze options, and 3 “Support our Sponsor” posts on Facebook before and after the event; 1 month as Sponsor on our Website

$500 Platinuum Sponsor – includes Gold options and 1 year advertising on Forum Sponsorship list (banner); AND 3 months as Sponsor on our Website

$1000 Brass Sponsor- includes Gold options and 1 year advertising on Forum Sponsorship list (banner); AND 1 year as Sponsor on Website 

Become a Sponsor Today: 

Show your support for firearms owners in Nebraska by taking advantage of this unique sponsorship opportunity from the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association! We are offering businesses the opportunity to have their company logo featured as a sponsor on our NFOA Members’ t-shirt. Your $100 donation will support NFOA’s mission to advance effective firearms legislation, support educational programs and promote our organization across Nebraska. We are limiting this opportunity to the first 10 businesses and your logo will be included on our inaugural run of the first 150 t-shirts. We will also craft a thank you message including your business logo and contact information and post it to our organization’s Facebook page, with almost 20,000 followers! We will also like your business’ Facebook page and tag you in our posts.

Board of Directors Election 

We are seeking a few good men and women to add their talents and commitment to NFOA. During our 2018 Annual Members Meeting, we will be seeking nominations for the NFOA Board of Directors. There are 5 voting Board Positions available as well as several new non-voting Director positions that will work with the board to advance our mission in Nebraska. Whether you have 10 – 15 hours a month or just a few to spare, we have opportunities for you to make an impact and make a difference.

NFOA Night at the Range 

Join members of the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association and learn more about how we actively represent the interests of law abiding firearms enthusiasts in Nebraska. Enjoy some time on the range!


Join NFOA – Nebraska Firearms Association

Add your voice to the thousands of law abiding Nebraskan Firearm Owners who are actively engaged in working to preserve and advance effective firearms legislation. Basic Membership is free! Stay informed and engaged. Your voice adds to our ability to preserve your rights!    



Great turnout at our 2nd Amendment Rally

We had a great turnout at our 2nd Amendment Rally on the Western steps of the Capitol. Thank you to all who attended and spoke today. Nebraska Firearms Owners Association welcomes all to actively and responsibly advocate for our rights and liberties!

Andy Allen, NFOA PAF and Shaneen Allen at the Gun Rights Policy Conference.

Andy Allen, NFOA PAF and Shaneen Allen at the Gun Rights Policy Conference. Shaneen was a Concealed Carry Permit holder (after having been a victim of crime) in Philly. When going to a hotel, she accidentally passed into New Jersey where she was pulled over by the police. She spent weeks in prison (not convicted of a crime, before she even had a court date) and thanks to the actions of many activists nationally like you, Governor Christi pardoned her. BUT NOW WE NEED TO TAKE ACTION TO STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING TO ANYONE ELSE. Contact Congressman Don Bacon, Congressman Jeff Fortenberry and Congressman Adrian Smith and ask them to please co-sponsor HR 38 to keep this from happening to anyone else. Contact Senator Deb Fischer and Senator Ben Sasse and ask for their help to support Shaneen and push this legislation through the Senate once it clears the House.

Patron Program

The Board of Directors is launching a new program to offer our thanks to members who make a $50 or above annual donation to NFOA.  This program is called the Patron Program and to kick it off, we need business partners.  

How can you help? By simply spending a few minutes of your time describing the program and leaving the attached program description/registration form with them.  Like many non-profits who raise money selling discount cards to multiple businesses, this program is fairly similar. But instead of selling the cards, we are going to provide the cards to anyone who makes a $50 or more annual donation.  Participating businesses can select any offer or discount they’d like to provide and like our other sponsor programs, they will receive recognition and promotion of their businesses, as described in the attached program information. 

If you are able to help us out… simply carry copies of the Patron Card Program Information with you to businesses you feel would participate in the program and find the business owner or person in charge and hold a brief conversation with them.

Feel free to use the following script to assist you in the conversation:

Hi, I am a member of the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association, and I was thinking your business would be a good fit for a new program they have called the NFOA Patron. NFOA has almost 9,000 members in Nebraska and their social media following is huge. Businesses that participate receive ongoing recognition by NFOA to include promotions of the program and participating businesses to their 19,000 followers on Facebook, followers on Twitter, and of course formal membership. This is a great way to add new customers. The program is similar to other discount or benefit cards other non-profit organizations use to raise money.  The money will be used to advance legislation in support of firearms owners and to support education and training sponsored by NFOA.  Members and individuals who donate a certain amount or more to NFOA each year will receive a Patron card that provides them access to deals, offers and discounts from businesses like yours. If you are interested, I have a letter here that will go into all the details of what you can expect to receive. It’s a pretty flexible program. Registration is easy, either mail in these forms, or I can email them to you and you can send them in. Once enough businesses are participating, NFOA will launch the program.

Provide them a copy of the program details and sign up form and you are good to go!

Patron Card Program Information  word

Patron Card Program Information pdf

Proud Member of NFOA

Are you a proud member of NFOA? Show your NFOA Pride by updating your Cover Photo with our Proud Member of NFOA graphic!

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NFOA is creating an events committee

NFOA is creating an events committee and we are looking for a few members with a few hours a month they can contribute to NFOA. Event Committee members will help us brainstorm, plan, promote and execute events that promote NFOA and provide value to our membership. If you have some time and are able to either in person, or contribute through conference calls or online, we’d love to have you! Message us for more information!

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Nebraska Sportsmen’s Foundation

Great turn out for the NSF, NFOA LEGISLATIVE sportsmen conference and wild game senators feed at Hruska law center. Thank you to Wes sheets of Lincoln Izaak Walton league, Jerry Mcdonald of Nebraska Pheasants Forever, Mark Brohmann NET , Duane Horvaka NWF , Jim Tubbs NCSC , Rod Moeller NFOA , Tim Ducks Unlimited FOR sitting on our sportsmen panel. Important discussion regarding legislation effecting Nebraska Sportsmen . We had a great turn out from your state senators and staff enjoying a great wildlife feed cooked by the NGPC STAFF.


NFOA Champion Award Winner

Champion Award Winner:

Vic Larson!

Vic hails from the Lexington area. After attending an annual meeting in Grand Island, Vic contacted me asking for NFOA promotional handouts. He has taken ownership of his geographical area, visiting gun shops, ranges, gun shows around the Lexington, North Platte, Kearney area, even posting info at the local barbershop and representing in the local parade!
Vic embodies everything we need in a NFOA District volunteer, Spreading the gospel of Firearm Liberty in Nebraska.

Thanks Vic for all your hard work.

America is now so politically correct, so hyper sensitive, that one of the last groups “targeted” are gun owners.

America is now so politically correct, so hyper sensitive, that one of the last groups that may be, shall we say, “targeted” are gun owners.

But how can this be? The founders of the nation guaranteed our right to bear arms—emphatically stating “shall not be infringed.” We have allowed this right to be whittled away at piece by piece, law by law, regulation by regulation.

Has anyone noticed we don’t have a Department of Free Speech?

An Agency of Opinion?

A Tax on Religion?

Or a Test to Vote?

Stand together. Stand strong

Join Nebraska Firearms Owners Association (NFOA) CLICK HERE, the grassroots firearm organization engaged in protecting your Second Amendment rights at the state and local level. NFOA is 100% Free and 100% Volunteer driven.

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Happy Independence Day

Today, all Americans celebrate the anniversary of our formal Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. But remember, the fight for independence began one year and 76 days earlier, April 19, 1775 when the British attempted to disarm the colonists in order to make the colonies easier to control. (Sound familiar?) The Nebraska Firearms Owners Association wishes you a happy and independent 4th of July!