What every new gun owner should know

When he was just starting out as a gun owner, Prescott resident Chris Keltz said he wishes someone had told him more about ear protection as well as that he should shoot as many different types of guns as possible.

“Find one that fits you and don’t worry about the caliber. Whether it’s a .22 or a .38 or a .45, whatever you take to right away, try and stick with that,” he said. “If you like it, keep working with it, consider buying one. If you don’t like it, even though you’re doing well with it, still stick with it, see if you can get to liking it. if you just can’t stand that gun, just move on to something else.”

Similarly, it would be beneficial to find someone to help you out, said Zach DeJesus, a Tempe resident who is moving to Prescott. That way, you can get all the details as there’s just so much to know, he said, mentioning it would have been nice to have a guide or a mentor when he was starting out as a gun owner.