Fee increase proposed for handgun permits

LB81, introduced by Bellevue Sen. Carol Blood, would increase the $5 permit fee to $25. Blood said the cost and staff time required to process permit applications has increased exponentially since the $5 fee was first implemented in 1991.


3 Replies to “Fee increase proposed for handgun permits”

  1. This is the misconception of what the permit is. The Nebraska handgun purchase permit is actually a good thing in that it alleviates the chances of information being input into the NCIC system incorrectly by clerks at retail outlets causing a denial back from the FBI. Without it we would be required to follow federal law which could result in things like waiting periods. It has nothing to do with your second amendment rights but is actually a streamlining system to make it easier for you as a customer to purchase firearms.

  2. There should not be a fee to exercise a God given and constitutionally protected right. The $5 fee is too much.

  3. The 25 might be reasonable. My only complaint is why they have neglected to adjust the fee
    over all these years?

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