First National Bank Sever Ties with NRA

Today the largest privately held bank in the United States decided to side with Anti 2nd Amendment activists and sever their ties with the National Rifle Association.

Founded & headquartered in Omaha Nebraska, First National has been the bank of your NFOA since our inception.

Businesses that make the decision to appease those who want to decimate your Constitutional Rights need to understand that Nebraska values include responsible firearm ownership.

Even though we often disagree about the best way to protect Our Rights, at the end of the day…WE ALL ARE THE NRA!

Join the NFOA in saying goodbye to First National Bank & entrust your hard earned money where it is respected.

Please share this message & politely contact your local FNB location Or call 1-800-642-0014 to voice your opinion.

Comment below with bank/credit union recommendations for all of us that are shopping around now.