Flying the Friendly Skies.. with Your Gun

Now, I never travel without a firearm, unless carrying a gun at my final destination is illegal, and while I try to avoid that at all costs, it’s not always feasible.

Sometimes you have to be where you have to be, and it’s out of your control.

When it is legal for me to carry, it requires me to check my gun with whatever airline is hauling me to my final destination.

It’s an easy process, as I have talked about and written about for many years, and should be no cause for intimidation to CCW travelers. But it is. In fact, it remains one of the most asked questions I get from listeners. As such, when I saw the following email yesterday from a fan of my show titled “Flying With A Firearm,” I was pretty much resigned to helping another traveler who was asking the standard questions about “what to do.” Instead, I saw this: