Join us for the 2nd Amendment Rally November 5th

Join us for the 2nd Amendment Rally November 5th

When’s the last time you saw a positive news report or article in the paper that put firearms and gun owners in a positive light? Sure, now and then there might be a report of our UNL rifle team or a personal defense story with a CHP holder. But we know the answer, not often. In the wake of tragedies like New York or Las Vegas or the most recent armed robbery, sexual assault, or armed carjacking, our communities are bombarded with stories of when firearms were used by criminals, murderers or terrorists. But there is a risk to this imbalance in the news. The media narrative paints and crafts a picture that those outside our community assume is the truth. Those of us within the firearms community on the other hand know all about the millions of positive stories of law abiding gun owners. Whether it’s a friend or family member who was grateful they had their CHP and avoided a threat, or the latest and greatest hunting experience, or simply sharing with friends and family the enjoyment of competitive shooting, or range time, millions of firearm owners responsibly and legally exercise their right every single day! 

We call upon you to join us November 5th from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the western steps of the Unicameral.

Join a grassroots movement that will be occurring across the United States. 

As the Voice of Firearms Owners in Nebraska, we work diligently to represent your voice in the Unicameral and when called upon, in the media. We know we represent a diverse, law abiding, community of individuals who make positive contributions to Nebraska’s employers, schools, churches and communities. We are proud to uphold our traditions of personal responsibility for our own security, to hunt, to shoot competitively and for sport. We recognize the fundamental truth of the 2nd Amendment and how it recognizes that a people have the right and responsibility to hold their government accountable in response to tyranny. We are proud to be gun owners.

However, there is a growing risk and we are becoming one of the most misunderstood communities in the nation. Time and time again, firearms are vilified instead of the individual criminal or terrorist. The opportunity to represent law abiding gun owners, whose passion for and commitment to the 2nd Amendment, is an honor. But we can no longer be passive. We must take an active role in shaping and crafting attitudes and beliefs about firearm owners. As members of NFOA – we need you!

Organizations and ordinary citizens are gathering at their state capitol on November 5th to rally in support of and advocate for the rights preserved in the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. Will you join them?

We must take the initiative and publicly and positively advocate for the rich tradition of responsible firearms ownership in Nebraska for the purposes of defense, hunting, competition and sport. The rally welcomes all political backgrounds on this fundamental issue. The 2nd Amendment is for all citizens. We as firearm owners must be SEEN actively encouraging citizenship, promoting safe and responsible firearms ownership, and positive pride in our traditions. We believe that politics shouldn not divide us from our friends and neighbors when it comes to a basic constitutional right. 

We as Nebraskans have a long and respected history of independence, courage, and strong family traditions. We are proud of our tradition and are tired of the vilification of all gun owners that occurs when tragedies strike our great nation. We want our community to see who we are, that we are their neighbors, coworkers, and fellow citizens and we want to reduce violence and crime with the same level of desire of those that are anti-gun. We simply know that their strategies will not succeed. 

This rally is about active citizenship, community, and advocacy for what we all know is a fundamental and inherent human right – the right to self-defense, the right to hunt, the right to pursue activities that are enriching, educational and enjoyable. 

We are looking forward to seeing you there and hearing from an assortment of speakers such as Senator Laura Ebke, Mr. Dick Clark, Mr. Chris Baker and others.