Legislative Update after Week 2

This past week we saw more gun bills introduced and a few gun bills carried over from last year were heard on the floor of the legislature.

Senator Bostelman introduced LB902 to authorize the withholding from the public of information regarding firearm registration, possession, sale, or use. This is a reintroduction of a bill that did not make it out of the Judiciary Committee last year. We supported LB637 last year. This year the bill was directed to the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee so we expect it could come out of committee this year. The hearing has been scheduled for January 18th. This is something we have been trying to get traction for a few year now. Even if we can get this out of committee this year it will be a challenge to get it on the floor for debate with this being a short session.

The bill introduced by Carol Blood of Bellevue to increase the cost of the Firearm Purchase Certificate was debated on Tuesday. After a couple hours debate it was effectively killed. Senator Larson introduced a motion to postpone the bill indefinitely. That motion passed 27-17. NFOA testified against this bill and fought against it. You can see the voting record for that motion here: 

Senator Stinner’s bill, LB100, to require Mental Health Boards use clear and convincing standards of proof when determining the removal of disqualifications on a petitioner from the possession of firearms was heard on Tuesday. It advanced past the first round of debate. NFOA testified in favor of this bill. The vote count can bee seen here:https://nebraskalegislature.gov/bills/view_votes.php?KeyID=2546

A lot of time was spent debating the bill introduced by Senator Lowe to allow collegiate teams to store their firearms on campus. LB321 got out of committee last year with no opposition. Senator Ernie Chambers used his time to discuss many issues unrelated to the bill both Tuesday and Wednesday. Chambers used his usual tactics of filing motions to postpone and motions to reconsider the vote on his failed motion to waste time and bloviate on his contempt for all senators. NFOA requested this bill to be introduced and are thankful to Senator Lowe for putting in the time and effort to champion this for us. It cannot be easy to put up with the tactics of Senator Chambers. This will come up again for more debate soon.

We expect to see a massive turnout of citizens for the major anti-gun legislation introduced by Lincoln Senator Pansing-Brooks. Her bill, LB780, to ban suppressors and “multiburst trigger activators” will be heard in the Judiciary Committee on January 25th at 1:30pm. We need everyone that currently owns a suppressor in the State of Nebraska to make an attempt to fill the halls that day, along with every gun owner that can get the day off. 

Statewide Preemption 
We will be busy this months with hearings and likely debate again on Statewide Preemption. More information about statewide preemption is being shared on YouTube in the form of short videos discussing various aspects of the bill. To learn more be sure to follow the NFOA YouTube channel where you will be notified when new videos are added. This is a critically important bill to all Nebraska firearms owners. Be sure to get involved and keep pressure on your senator to support this bill. LB68 will show everyone with certainty who does support the Nebraska Constitution and who does not.

Summary of bills 
Many of the bills that have been introduced this session have been scheduled for committee hearings. Below is a list of bill introduced this year and the current status. Follow the links to see more details and full language of the bills.

LB730 – Adopt the Ammunition Excise Tax Act 
Revenue Committee – not scheduled yet

LB780 – Prohibit multiburst triggers and silencers 
Judiciary Committee – scheduled for hearing January 25, 2018

LB848 – Correct a provision relating to possession by prohibited person 
Judiciary Committee – scheduled for hearing January 19, 2018

LB849 – Procedure for return of handguns temporarily taken by Law enforcement 
Judiciary Committee – scheduled for hearing January 25, 2018

LB902 – Authorize withholding from public information regarding firearms 
Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee – scheduled for hearing January 18