Mass Shootings Drive Support for Concealed Carry

It’s not surprising. Americans’ support for gun rights has increased dramatically over the past few decades. 51 percent of respondents to a 2000 Gallup poll said the presence of a gun made a home less safe. Only 35 percent said a home-defense gun increases safety. By 2014, the results had reversed. 60 percent felt safer with a gun, 30 percent less safe.

A 2015 Pew survey found 54 percent of African-Americans view gun ownership favorably, up from 29 percent just two years before. Police Chief James Craig supports the trend. A black lawman in charge of a mostly black city, Craig feels attitudes are simply catching up with white America. “It was a well-known fact here in Detroit,” he says. “People didn’t have a lot of confidence that when they dialed 911, that the police were going to show up. In fact, we know they didn’t.”


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