Why millennials are skeptical of gun control

In spite of the prevailing attitude toward millennials in the media, where it seems we are often portrayed as somewhat unmotivated and unwilling to engage on important issues, millennials are incredibly passionate, motivated, empirically minded and data-driven. And when it comes to gun control, we have a mountain of evidence over the last half-century to show that government efforts to restrict gun ownership are utterly ineffective at achieving their stated claims: a safer society through the reduction of violent crime.

At the heart of the push for gun control is a mindset — admittedly sincere in many instances — that is rooted in the false belief that gun laws will remove guns from the hands of those who would use them to commit crimes.

The obvious problem is that criminals are criminals. They are a class of people whose inherent attitudes toward laws is to disobey them, particularly those laws that would restrict their own access to firearms. The irony of gun laws is that they really only affect those law-abiding citizens who pose no danger in the first place. They are a simplistic attempt to solve a complex problem, and they fail 100 percent of the time.


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