PA governor promises to veto gun preemption bill moving through Senate

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf said Tuesday he will veto a preemption bill aimed at firearm regulations should it get to his desk.

The Senate Local Government Committee advanced Senate Bill 5, a rebooted proposal invalidated by the Supreme Court last year, on a vote of 8-3, sending the measure to the full chamber for consideration.

During the committee’s meeting Tuesday, Minority Committee Chairman Sen. John Blake, D-Lackawana, delivered the veto news on behalf of the administration as he urged a no-vote on the legislation.

“Quite simply because I think this bill is doing something unprecedented in allowing a membership organization to sue a local government and allow injunctive relief,” he said. “When I consider the things our local governments are facing, I don’t know why we are considering this.”

The bill would prevent the state’s 2,500-plus municipalities from enacting gun ordinances stricter than state law. A similar measure was introduced in the House earlier this month.