Patron Program

The Board of Directors is launching a new program to offer our thanks to members who make a $50 or above annual donation to NFOA.  This program is called the Patron Program and to kick it off, we need business partners.  

How can you help? By simply spending a few minutes of your time describing the program and leaving the attached program description/registration form with them.  Like many non-profits who raise money selling discount cards to multiple businesses, this program is fairly similar. But instead of selling the cards, we are going to provide the cards to anyone who makes a $50 or more annual donation.  Participating businesses can select any offer or discount they’d like to provide and like our other sponsor programs, they will receive recognition and promotion of their businesses, as described in the attached program information. 

If you are able to help us out… simply carry copies of the Patron Card Program Information with you to businesses you feel would participate in the program and find the business owner or person in charge and hold a brief conversation with them.

Feel free to use the following script to assist you in the conversation:

Hi, I am a member of the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association, and I was thinking your business would be a good fit for a new program they have called the NFOA Patron. NFOA has almost 9,000 members in Nebraska and their social media following is huge. Businesses that participate receive ongoing recognition by NFOA to include promotions of the program and participating businesses to their 19,000 followers on Facebook, followers on Twitter, and of course formal membership. This is a great way to add new customers. The program is similar to other discount or benefit cards other non-profit organizations use to raise money.  The money will be used to advance legislation in support of firearms owners and to support education and training sponsored by NFOA.  Members and individuals who donate a certain amount or more to NFOA each year will receive a Patron card that provides them access to deals, offers and discounts from businesses like yours. If you are interested, I have a letter here that will go into all the details of what you can expect to receive. It’s a pretty flexible program. Registration is easy, either mail in these forms, or I can email them to you and you can send them in. Once enough businesses are participating, NFOA will launch the program.

Provide them a copy of the program details and sign up form and you are good to go!

Patron Card Program Information  word

Patron Card Program Information pdf