Police Have Safety Concerns Over New Gun Law

“It appears to take away some of the necessary scrutiny legally that we do when we investigate deadly force incidents. It seems to give a pretty subjective view and opportunity for people to make some glaring errors in their judgment and not be held accountable for that,” said Sergeant Paul Parizek, Public Information Officer for the Des Moines Police Department. Sgt. Parizek sees some deficiencies in the new gun law that he believes could cause some unnecessary violence or death to occur.

The law, which expands Stand Your Ground, takes away the duty to retreat. “The problem is if you have a duty to retreat, anything you do to repel that force may be looked at later by somebody who wasn`t there, didn`t have the adrenaline rushing through their body, wasn`t in the dark in a strange place and they may sit in an office somewhere or a courtroom and say well, we think that you could have safely gotten away without endangering yourself,” said Richard Rogers, Iowa Firearms Coalition Board Member and Lobbyist.