Texas Passes Legislation on Suppressors and License to Carry

On Tuesday, May 2, TSRA-backed Senate Bill 16 by Senators Nichols and Huffman, passed in the House and is on its way to Governor Abbott’s desk. The Senate bill was sponsored in the House by Rep. Phil King, SB 16 significantly reduces the cost of a License to Carry.

At $140, the fee for an original Texas license, was among the highest in the nation. The passage of SB 16 brought the fees down to among the lowest, slashing the cost of an original license by $100 to just $40, and cutting the cost of a renewal license from $70 to $40. In other words, the annual cost of a five-year LTC would now be just $8 per year. No law-abiding Texan should ever be priced out of the ability to exercise his or her right to self-defense.