2014 Survey


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In the 2014 election cycle, we surveyed all candidates running for the State Legislature.

One major objective of the NFOA-PAF is to increase the pro-gun contingency in the Nebraska Legislature, so we are dedicated to supporting candidates who support Nebraskans’ firearms rights.  Therefore, we provide endorsements and support to candidates who take a firm stand to protect gun rights in Nebraska.  An NFOA-PAF endorsement or support requires much more than a candidate parroting, “I support the Second Amendment, but…”  We expect endorsed candidates to defend Nebraskans’ Constitutionally-protected rights while standing their ground against new gun control proposals disguised as compromises.

We are a “single issue” PAC.  Many people have other issues that are important to them.  We understand that.  But just as it would not be right for a pro-life group to endorse on the basis of gay rights issues, it is not appropriate for us to consider anything but Second Amendment rights when issuing our grades and endorsements.  We recommend you find other groups that grade candidates on those issues that are important to you.