Sheepdog Seminar

You have a right to defend yourself and you have a responsibility to be as prepared as possible if that moment ever comes. NFOA wants to hear your story. What made you to decide to be ready, trained, and able to keep yourself and your loved ones safe? Share your story in our online Member’s Only forum for a chance to receive a free registration to the next Sheepdog Seminar in Omaha, Nebraska. Not yet a member? Click the Sign Up button and join today. Then find the post under the Full Member’s section titled “Are you a Sheepdog?” for a chance to receive a free registration ($69 value) for the Sheepdog Seminar 11/17-11/18 at Brookside Church 11607 M Circle Omaha, NE 68137. Want more information about this program? Information and Registration is available at (Look for Omaha under the Seminar Schedule menu)