Statewide Preemption of Firearms Laws is back on the agenda for this afternoon. 4-12-17

April 12, 2017

NFOA Members,

Statewide Preemption of Firearms Laws is back on the agenda for this afternoon.

The first round of debate a couple weeks ago only lasted 3 hours.  There are 3 more hours of debate scheduled today and we should see a vote for cloture.  This is going to require 33 votes and it is close.  Some senators are solid in their support and others are wavering. 

We need you to call and email your senator right now and ask them to stand with you in support of LB68.

Preemption is about removing cities’ authority to regulate ownership and possession of firearms. 

Preemption Eliminates:
– Omaha handgun registration (includes non-residents)
– Lincoln back door registration
– Omaha and Lincoln prohibitions of ownership from many listed misdemeanors.

Call your senator now and follow up with an email!

If you would like to watch the debate it will be streaming live.

In Liberty,

Rod Moeller

Nebraska Firearms Owners Association