Tennessee: Multiple Gun Bills on the Move in the Legislature

House Bill 508 and Senate Bill 445 would create a private cause of action for a party that is adversely affected by a local ordinance, resolution, policy, rule, or other enactment on firearms preempted by state law.  This bill would prohibit local government entities from prohibiting or restricting firearms on local property unless certain conditions are met.  Law-abiding citizens should not be placed in jeopardy of unintentionally violating local restrictions simply because they have crossed from one municipality to another.  Gun owners continue to be unduly burdened by local ordinances which violate the current state firearm preemption law.  HB 508, sponsored by Representative William Lamberth (R-44), has been sent to the House Finance Subcommittee.  SB 445, sponsored by Senator John Stevens (R-24), is pending consideration by the Senate Finance Committee.