UnFriendly Business List

If you are at a business location and observe a un-friendly business for firearms, please provide comments of the un-friendly business list locations below.  Include business name, address, city, etc.


UnFriendly Business List  CLICK HERE


UnFriendly Business List

Below is a list of Anti firearms businesses:


They are on this list either because of anti firearm sales policies, or because of anti firearm carry policies (prohibiting ccw). Either way, please show your displeasure of these business’ policies by spending your money with their competitors. Please help us keep this list current by contacting us with changes or additions.

You can help get rid of these signs by politely asking to speak to the owner of the business. Explain to them that by creating a gun free zone, the are actually creating a less safe place for their customers and their employees. Criminals with guns don’t obey “No Guns” signs.

UnFriendly Business List        
City Business Name Business Location Last Updated Comment
National Panera Bread National unknown  
National Buffalo Wild Wings National unknown some locations
National CVS Pharmacy National unknown  
National Chipotle National unknown  
National Chili’s National unknown  
National Starbucks National unknown  
National Chuckee Cheese National unknown  
National Costco National unknown  
National Pay Pal National unknown  
National AAA National unknown  
National Goodwill Industries National unknown  
National Target National unknown  
National Toys R Us National unknown  
National Salvation Army National unknown  
National Sonic Drive in National unknown  
National Staples National unknown  
National Git N Split – All locations National unknown  
National Guitar Center National unknown  
National Bosselman’s National unknown  
National Federal Express National unknown  
National Omaha Steaks National unknown  
Nebraska Nebraska State Fair Nebraska 9/5/2016  
Ansley Security State Bank   624 Main St, Ansley, NE 68814 3/17/2018 No weapons sign seen on front door. Can’t carry in a bank anyway.
Arapahoe none none n/a  
Bellevue Applebee’s   unknown  
Bellevue Beardmore Chevy on Ft Crook   unknown  
Bellevue Bellevue Animal Hospital   unknown  
Bellevue Burger King  all unknown (except 42nd & 370  Galvin Road location reportedly has removed the signs)
Bellevue The Goodwill store at  2303 Towne Centre Drive unknown  
Bellevue The Microtel    unknown  
Bellevue Pizza Hut  36th street south of Hwy 370 unknown  
Bellevue South Roads Mall   unknown  
Blair Burger King   unknown  
Blair Woodhouse Auto in Blair   unknown  
Burwell Pizza Palace 204 Grand Ave, Burwell, NE 68823 9/6/2017 large NO Firearms sign by the back door. I’ve never seen one by their front door so was surprised when I went in through the back door.
Central City Pizza Hut   unknown  
Columbus AAA   unknown  
Columbus Burger King   unknown  
Culbertson none n/a unknown  
Elkhorn Hardees 811 N 205th 8/29/2016  
Fremont Burger King  on East 23rd St unknown  
Fremont Powerhouse Apartments   unknown  
Grand Island Buffalo wild wings   unknown  
Grand Island Charter Cable   unknown  
Grand Island Chief Industries Offices   unknown  
Grand Island Central Nebraska Humane Society   unknown  
Grand Island Conestoga Mall   unknown  
Grand Island 3rd & Broadwell Copycat Printing  unknown  
Grand Island Dairy queen   Capital Ave. unknown  
Grand Island Tommy’s Restaurant   unknown  
Gretna Pizza Hut   unknown  
Hastings American Automobile Assoc.(AAA)   unknown  
Hastings Hastings Tribune   unknown  
Hebron Mary’s Café and Shell Station    unknown  
Kearney American Automobile Assoc.(AAA)     unknown  
Kearney Meadowlark Hills Golf Course   unknown  
LaVista Valentino’s  72nd & Giles  unknown  
Lexington Goodwill   unknown  
Lexington Pizza hut   unknown  
Lincoln AAA American Automobile Assoc.    unknown  
Lincoln Abbott Sports Complex   unknown  
Lincoln A St Market  3308 A St unknown  
Lincoln Ace Rent-to-own store  in the Belmont mall unknown  
Lincoln Advanced Medical Imaging  70th and Pioneers unknown  
Lincoln Ampride @ Bennet  corner (168th and Highway 2) unknown  
Lincoln Bimbo Bakery   3949 North 48th unknown  
Lincoln Brewsky’s   unknown  
Lincoln Candy Factory building  in the Haymarket unknown  
Lincoln Carpetland   unknown  
Lincoln Cultiva Coffee   unknown  
Lincoln Cornhusker Hotel / Marriott downtown   unknown (CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP MAY EFFECT THIS LISTING)
Lincoln The Dress Barn   unknown  
Lincoln Gateway Mall    unknown (signage does not comply with “conspicuous” language in the law)
Lincoln Git N Split- All Locations   unknown  
Lincoln The Gameroom   unknown  
Lincoln Haymarket Farmers Market   unknown  
Lincoln Ivanna Cone   unknown  
Lincoln Jones Coffee  727 South 11th Street unknown  
Lincoln KLIN Radio “Broadcast House”  43rd and O unknown  
Lincoln The Railyard and Canopy Lofts  Haymarket unknown  
Lincoln La Paz Mexican restaurant   unknown  
Lincoln Lincoln Endoscopy Center  4545 R St    unknown  
Lincoln Lincoln Memorial Funeral home   unknown  
Lincoln Mobil Gas Station / Quiznos-  Prairie Lake 87th and Hwy 2 unknown  
Lincoln Pizza Hut carry out and delivery location  56th & South St. unknown  
Lincoln Old Home Bread, 4701 Old Cheney Rd unknown  
Lincoln Open Harvest food Co-op  1618 South Street unknown  
Lincoln Rivers Metal Products   unknown  
Lincoln Roc’s Stop & Shop Shell gas station  on 27th & South St. unknown (The owner does not allow employees to carry any type of weapon.)
Lincoln Sapp Bros Truck Stop  60th & Cornhusker unknown  
Lincoln Shell Gas station  North 27th unknown  
Lincoln Shell Gas station 56th & Holdrege unknown  
Lincoln Shell Station 48th and Old Cheney unknown  
Lincoln Shell Station  56th and South unknown  
Lincoln Shell Station  84th and Old Cheney unknown  
Lincoln SouthPointe Pavillions  & Food Court    unknown (signage does not comply with “conspicuous” language in the law)
Lincoln Speedway Motors   unknown  
Lincoln Sugar Plum Candies  5500 Old Cheney Rd, #21 unknown  
Lincoln Sun Valley Lanes  (Bowling Alley @ N Sun Valley Blvd & Victory Ln) unknown  
Lincoln The Bottle & Tobacco Shoppe  on the corner of 1st & Cornhusker unknown  
Lincoln The Cooper YMCA  on 14th st unknown  
Lincoln Toys R Us   unknown  
Lincoln U-STOP  at Cotner and Holdrege unknown  
Lincoln Valentinos  at 70th & Van Dorn unknown  
Lincoln Valentino’s  near 35th and Holdrege unknown  
Lincoln Valentinos 33rd and A unknown  
Lincoln Valentinos 70th and Van Dorn unknown  
Lincoln Whole Foods    unknown (sign on one of their exits) with anti-gun signs
Lincoln Indigo Bridge Books    unknown  
Lincoln offcie Building 600 and cotner blvd 9/18/2016  
Lincoln Rodizio’s 737 P St  1/8/2018 Have a sticker on the front door prohibiting guns and knives.
McCook Pinpoint Communications Inc.   unknown  
Neligh Thriftway Market in Neligh 113 W 4th St, Neligh, NE 68756 10/26/2017 Sign is posted on a bulletin board INSIDE the store, on the same wall as the inner door, impossible to see until you turn around and face the door you just came in. No signs are posted on the entry doors.
Norfolk Norfolk Truck Center 2801 South 13th Street unknown  
Norfolk Norfolk Specialty Metal   unknown  
Norfolk AAA   unknown  
Norfolk NPPD-Nebraska Public Power District 1200 S Chestnut St, Norfolk, NE 68701 11/23/2017 Office in Norfolk has signs posted on doors.
North Platte AAA Travel Agency   unknown  
North Platte Cenex Station south of I-80 unknown  
North Platte Charter Communications   unknown  
North Platte Pizza Hut   unknown  
North Platte Premiere Estates nursing home   unknown  
North Platte Sarah Lee Bakery Outlet   unknown  (sign says no weapons)
Ogallala Pizza Hut   unknown  
Omaha AAA Nebraska   unknown  
Omaha Abelardo’s 35th and Center 2/11/2017 has a no guns allowed sign. I guess the guy who robbed it using a gun in October 2016 didn’t read the sign.
Omaha Accurate Communications,  2215 Harney unknown  
Omaha AMC theatres   unknown  
Omaha Amazing Pizza Machine   unknown  
Omaha Aquila Natural Gas headquarters  @ 19/Capitol Ave unknown  
Omaha Bene Pizza  120th and W. Maple  unknown (out of business)
Omaha Billy’s Cafe,  120th & Blondo unknown  
Omaha Brandeis Building downtown   unknown  
Omaha Brewsky’s   unknown  ( may be irrelevant due to 51% rule)
Omaha Buffalo Wild Wings  74th & Dodge unknown  
Omaha Buffalo Wild Wings  144th and Maple 8/6/2017 BWW on 144th and maple in Omaha,Ne is a gun free location.
Omaha Burger Kings Omaha area    unknown (except 120th & Center)
Omaha Century Link Center   unknown  
Omaha City public Golf Courses   unknown  
Omaha Cheesecake Factory  10120 California St, Omaha, NE 68114   Sign is hidden low to the ground to the side of the door, unless you know where to look for it you won’t see it until you are leaving.
Omaha Cox Cable   unknown  
Omaha Dairy Queen  72 and Blondo unknown  
Omaha Godfathers Elkhorn   unknown  
Omaha Hand Me Up thrift store, 96th & Q in Omaha unknown  
Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo    unknown Note-post remodel the signs are very difficult to see but they are there
Omaha Holland Performing Arts   unknown  
Omaha IHOP   unknown  
Omaha MAT busses   unknown  
Omaha McDonalds  132 Maple unknown  
Omaha Montclair shopping center 132nd center unknown  
Omaha NAPA store  90th street just south of Lake St and Warehouse on Grover unknown  
Omaha Ne/Ia Industrial Fasteners   unknown  
Omaha Oakview Mall    unknown (the entire facility)
Omaha Office Depot Shopping  Center on S. 72nd unknown  
Omaha Old Home Bread Store   unknown  
Omaha Omaha Children’s Museum   unknown  
Omaha Omaha Paper Company   6936 L Street unknown  
Omaha Omaha Primary Eye Care  146th and Center unknown  
Omaha Midwest Eye Care, P.C. 13500 California Street unknown  
Omaha OPPD properties/buildings all unknown  
Omaha Pizza Hut  168 Q unknown  
Omaha Plaza  on 132 Dodge unknown  
Omaha Precision Industries, DXP Enterprises  96 & L St unknown  
Omaha Quiznos  144 Maple unknown  
Omaha Sears  Oakview mall unknown  
Omaha Taco Johns Omaha area Omaha area unknown  
Omaha Teds Sinclair  (45 Center) unknown  
Omaha UPS 38 I   unknown  
Omaha Westroads mall   12/14/2016 (1) westroads mall has a 2 foot x 3 foot “code of conduct” sign that states no guns no weapons no ccw etc. no stickers are on the doors you have to look around in the ares between the inner and outer mall doors for the “code of conduct” signs . Report by m morton. (2) How come Westroads Mall is on the list of places you cannot carry in Nebraska but they do not have the sign posted outside of the entrance doors. 
Omaha Western Bowl 4725 S 131st St, Omaha, NE 68137 7/10/2018 Words on the door (that face a wall when the door is open) state “No firearms allowed on these premises”. Seen Saturday 7 July 2018
Omaha Whole Market Foods    unknown Seen Saturday 7 July 2018
Omaha Hardees 12424 L Street  8/29/2016 They have a small 2″ x 2″ sign on all of the door
Omaha Hardees 3225 L Street 8/29/2016  
Omaha Hardees 9407 S 145th Street  8/29/2016  
Omaha Schaefers appliances parts supply  on 66th St. 9/18/2016  
Omaha 13th St Jewelry 1904 S 13th St, Omaha, NE 68108 1/2/2017 asks if you are armed and tells you that you can leave it in your car or slide it under the bullet proof glass for them to hold while you shop.
Omaha Embassy Suites  Omaha downtown 7/24/2017 Does not allow conceal carry. Posted plainly on all exterior doors but  not  stated on their website that they do not  allow conceal carry on  the premises.
Omaha Valentino’s   Omaha – 108th & Q 2/25/2018 They have “No Weapons” signs on the restaurant and carry out entrances.  Signs have handgun and knife on them with red “no” circle
Papillion Texas Roadhouse    unknown  
O’Neill Holiday Inn Express    unknown (sign is behind the front desk)
Plattsmouth City Parks  (all) unknown  
Plattsmouth No Frills Supermarket –   unknown  sign removal pending
Plattsmouth Pizza Hut   unknown  
South Sioux City  Pony Express on Hwy 77   unknown  
Trenton none none n/a  
Wayne IGA quality foods   9/2/2016  
York Freightliner dealer I-80 exit 353 unknown  
Lincoln Aspen heights apartments  1850 P St, Lincoln, NE 68508 11/28/2016 Lincoln Security Guards Company disarmed and pulled a guy out of a car this morning at 4 am across the street from UNL property and tried to get him arrested by LPD/ UNL police for being on UNL property with a firearm. Aspen heights apartments where there is no signs of firearms prohibitions when it isn’t on UNL property. Also was said he was on UNL sanctioned property even when UNL police told them he is not and isn’t doing anything wrong.